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8/12/09: Davies Was The Only US Player To Show Up At Altitude, Conclusión Miserable De EEUU

Some Mexicans grin in the crowd knowing that the US celebration was a bit premature.

Davies Was The Only US Player To Show Up At Altitude, Conclusión Miserable De EEUU

Mise well get all bilingual with the post game title as the broadcasters of the Mexico vs. US game, mundo 2, talked about their offered television viewing being "uniquely American." And, man I felt I was in some sort of bipolar extended commercial with gringo's Marcelo Balboa partnered with his fat white broadcasting partner on one end and Gaudeloupe and the hot A T&T rollover chicks on the other. It was a good effort by mundo 2 and I enjoyed the free preview, but god for the entire game Marcelo's fat sidekick called Charlie Davies "Charlie Davis" and El Tri "El Tree" (making Balboa look competent). While on the other hand, some chipper Mexican guy named Guadeloupe(seriously?) told us a million times in the middle of the game to check out all mundo 2 has to offer after the game. The only thing I was tempted in checking out after the USA's letdown was that Mexican A T&T rollover commercial.

Here's one of them, change the "Vamos Mexico!" to "Vamos Ryan!" and dream a sweet little dream:

There will be no dreaming after I basically screamed at my tv in pure unadulterated joy and disbelief from minute 8 to minute 12 when Davies made it look easy in the 8th minute with his speed and perfectly curled shot. And, hey the US losing 2-1 is a pretty good result when only Charlie Davies shows up to play. Heck, I would of been more effective than Donovan, Ching, Dempsey, Holden, and Clark at altitude.

Davies strike in the eighth minute was the only bright spot of the affair, unless you like gritty bunkering. Spain succumbed to the new U.S. tactic, but apparently Brazil and Mexico have figured out how to break through it since.

Here are my ratings:
GK: Howard- 6.5, nothing really Howard could of done on either Mexican goal, made some very good stops when he had to.
DF: Cherundolo- 5.8, improved as the game went on.
DF: DeMerit- 4.9, meh. Chad Marshall is a better player and deserves a shot at that spot if Bocanegra is playing on the left.
DF: Onyewu- 6.5, best player in defense with some opportune stops, could have been 4-1 without "Gooch" snuffing some things out.
DF: Bocanegra- 5.5, Decent. Nothing great other then the one ball he snuffed out on the end line, nothing horrible.
DM: Clark- 3. Did he play?
RM: Dempsey- 4. Had one nice move to get the ball out of the defensive third.
CM: Bradley- 4. Didn't do much of anything either.
LM: Donovan- 4.5. Had some runs that didn't go much of anywhere. Donovan would have had a better night as a trash collecter picking up bottles thrown at him on a corner at the Azteca.
ST: Ching- 2. Worthless, at least Altidore is somewhat dangerous.
ST: Davies- 9. MOTM. The only bright spot of the whole affair. Although his goal celebration of using the corner flag as a microphone(albeit awesome) probably should have been left for that second goal he should of scored around the 70th minute when he missed a wide open header.

Feilheber: 3.5 Meh
Altidore: 3.5 His best moment on the field was smiling at a Mexican player that got pissy over Jozy's physical play.
Stuart Holden: 4 Great cross to Davies, but should of been Jozy going in at that point.

Bradley- Bring in Feilhaber and Holden, I get Feilhaber, but Holden is one of the first off of our bench? This Holden?

Well, doesn't cute and cuddily Holden just strike fear in the hearts of the Mexicans at Azteca. And, pushing Dempsey(who looks like he smokes a half pack of cigarettes before running out on the pitch) up to forward for most of the second half was pretty solid at tharwting any ideas of a comeback.

Aguirre- Nice subs with Sabah making Aguirre look like a genius. Doesn't hurt to have that Gold Cup in his back pocket as well.

Referee: Moreno - Sucked completely. How many chokeholds does one get before they get a red card? Well, if you're Nery "Unibrow" Castillo apparently 3. Castillo had two chokeholds of Davies and Onyewu and didn't receive a yellow.

Maybe I'll try to chokehold complete strangers walking down the street, and see how many freebie's I get before being put in cuff's.

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  1. I thought Gooch was at least 7.5 he cleared the ball and took out defenders cleanly the whole game besides the BS yellow.