Monday, August 10, 2009

8/11/09: Ekpo Wants Fair Trial With Senior Eagles, Likes Playing Soccer in America

"Manu" as his teammates call him, has been one of the biggest boosts off of the bench the last few weeks for the Crew. (video by embeleshow)

Here's a video of Emmanuel Ekpo discussing his thoughts on soccer in America while also discussing his hopes of receiving "a fair trial" with the Senior Eagles. Ekpo wants "a fair trial" similiar to every other Nigerian player that was involved in the U-23 Nigerian Olympic team:

Ekpo doesn't say he deserves anything, just a shot like everyone else to prove his place on the field. He has belief that if given the shot, he could impress for the Nigerian NT.

My thoughts: Hopefully, Emmanuel sticks it out with the Crew for a while. Ekpo is a great player oozing with raw potential as Emmanuel has been absolutely stellar against San Jose and Toronto FC recently. And, overall, the Crew has a excellent group of players with a solid organization right now so there is no reason why a NT coach should limit call ups based on this team.

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  1. Love Manu and Lenhart (at the 1 min mark) in the background was pretty funny. but is that a 2001 cellphone camera or something? lol