Saturday, August 1, 2009

8/1/09: Nyazamba's Replacement

It's likely that Nyazamba's replacement comes from Bliss's only trip to Africa this year, his week long trip in June 2009 to Ghana for a week for an agent showcase.

The Crew are getting close to finalizing and filling their two open roster spots left behind by Pat Noonan and Stanley Nyazamba.

It appears that 24 year old Venezuelan striker Emilio Renteria is slated to be the marquee replacement for the outgoing American striker/midfielder Pat Noonan and will be in black and gold around the middle of August.

That leaves one roster spot left to be filled. From our rumor specialist at Crewture, Danndamanny:
The Crew are in the process of signing a young developmental player from Africa. I was not able to get his name so I leave that up to you guys... Who do you think it is? Was there even anybody on the radar? All I know is that he is from Africa and will be on our developmental roster... I will try to get a name in the coming days, if not, expect him to be signed soon.

I heard through a grapevine a week or so after the Bliss trip, that Bliss didn't see anyone on his Ghana trip that would be an out and out replacement for someone like Noonan, or be worth that kind of salary. Although, Bliss saw a lot of players that were talented and sparked his interest, a lot of them still seemed like projects akin to Emmanuel Ekpo. The Crew needed someone to produce right away for the salary, apparently that is Emilio Renteria.

But, nevertheless the Crew are talking to one of the "talents in the making" that Bliss saw in the "showcase" in Ghana (the Crew and Bliss haven't done any other scouting in Africa this year, so I figure it has to be from that trip) and are close to signing him for probably the $32 K developmental salary that Nyazamba made. Renteria will probably garner $150,000 to $200,000.

The Ghanaian "showcase" player, since Renteria is a striker, has to likely either be a midfielder or a defender. And, will hopefully be enough of a pleasant surprise (similiar to Brunner, Zayner, and Burns) to pull his weight when the Crew need all hands on deck during the double duty of CONCACAF Champs League group play.

I checked on Ghanaian U-20 national team names because they are the easiest names to come across(although all of them, even the Ghanaian-based ones are a big long shot):
Defenders: Daniel Addo (King Faisal), Bright Addei (Wa All Stars), Philip Boampong (Berekum Arsenals), Kassinu Ghandi (Liberty), Daniel Opare (Real Madrid), Samuel Inkoom (FC Basel), David Addy (Randers FC), Jonathan Mensah (Free State Stars)

Midfielders: James Bissue (Eleven Wise), Gafaru Nasiru (Wa All Stars), Agyeman Badu (Kotoko), Tawrick Jibril (Hearts of Oak), Abeiku Quansah (Nice), Ishmael Yartey (SC Beira-Mar), Rabiu Mohammed (Udinese)

None surprisingly are in a transfer stituation(I only checked the ones from Ghanaian teams on this and a couple other U-20 rosters over the past couple of years) and none would surprisingly carry a MLS developmental salary. Therefore, I expect the signing from the showcase to be a diamond in the rough type player, looking for a change of scenery outside of Africa, who hasn't yet caught the interest of the youth national teams for that country, like Emmanuel Ekpo has.

I will keep looking tonight after the game and tomorrow, to hopefully produce a name. I'm also attempting to find a roster from the showcase that Bliss attended.

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  1. The signee from Ghana won't necessarily be getting a developmental contract. Haven't we filled all of those spots?