Saturday, August 1, 2009

8/1/09: Nordecke to Expand For The LA Galaxy Game. Expansion Expected In The Future As Well.

Crew General Manager Mark McCullers told Crew supporters group leaders this week that because of demand for tickets in the Nordecke and the rest of the stadium for David Beckham's Galaxy visit to Crew Stadium on September 26th, the Nordecke will host overflow supporters in the upper deck of 202(seating chart below) on the same side of the stadium. Making the Nordecke swell to six sections and around 3,500 chanting fans.

Call and response chants anyone?

Despite the Nordecke overflow being hosted in the upper deck on the same side of the stadium for the September 26th game, in the future the Nordecke expansion(once needed) will be headed elsewhere.

According to what I heard, when needed, GM Mark McCullers and the Columbus Crew front office expects to host overflow and expansion in the Nordecke across the stage in 135, all the way down to 131 if need be someday soon. Can you imagine another 5 sections, 6,000 chanting fans total in the North end of the stadium. 3,000 more in the Northeast side of the Stadium, Ostecke anyone? :-). Makes myself and just about any Crew supporter think warm thoughts and it's not impossible. It's very probable in my opinion, a city of a million, you keep digging a foothole. 3,000 more is nothing. We got 3,000 in the Nordecke by the end of one year. What's another 3,000. Why not take over most of Crew Stadium? Why not make it the scariest damn place to put on an away jersey? A real fortress, a real soccer atmosphere, impentreable. Even Mexican or Costa Rican sides coming to Columbus for Champions League will totally be shaking with the thought of it. The Crew front office must encourage this, there is nothing interesting with reigning this back in and making Crew Stadium circa. 2005 and 2006.

Someday soon. Make it a two year plan. Two years ago, what we have today was unimaginable(actually improbable), we should think bigger and double it. We have a chance to make something unheard of in America.

Lately though because of the unnecessary turning of the Nordecke into non-general admission, overflow probably isn't needed at the moment (the Nordecke went from 3,000 plus against KC to about 2,000). But, earlier in the year the Nordecke was completely packed(couldn't barely move) for the last six or seven games of 2008 and the first five or six of 2009 before the change to non-general admission expansion looked very necessary. For a few games I had to stand sideways and clap sideways because I was sharing my seat with about 3 other guys.

It seems though, that the drifters into the Nordecke are now just buying tickets there(as the game against Toronto last week was a near capacity Nordecke, despite no general admission). Also, I believe that winning (which is the best solution to any bickering that happens in the section or outside of it) will lead to the team making the Nordecke general admission again soon, hopefully.

As GTFO wasn't from new casual fans in the section, despite some of the idiocy of some leaders in the section to proclaim that. It was from people that I recognized who were supporters. They did the right thing though and cleaned up their act. They did the wrong thing though by trying to blame it on new fans and possible recruits to the section. Anyone remember themselves 3 games into being a Crew fan, I was completely docile; sat at midfield, and clapped politely like most of everyone else seated there.

It's complete hogwash to blame swear chants on these people. I'm surprised the FO bought that. So, hopefully the Nordecke goes back to general admission, continues to boom, and in a year and a half we are sitting in 141 and staring across the way at a reflection of another 3,000 people going absolutely mental across from us.

This should be all of our goals. Bring people to games, spread the word, make it happen.


  1. i think that when the Nordecke expands that it would be better starting from 102 and going down the row.

  2. I don't. I think the North End and the cheap seats are the way to go.

    Most of the supporters in the Nordecke are young and not very wealthy. If we expand down the sideline it will still be midfield costs and other season ticket holders not exactly expecting that atmosphere are too rooted to those seats. The best thing to do is do a reflection of the Nordecke.

    It worked so well the first time in our corner. The best chance of a duplication of results is to try to do the same in the opposite corner(with the same ammount of seats, same stituation, same sort of area.)

  3. To bad the reason they are doing this for LA is because the FO screwed the pooch with the Nordecke for the LA game and sold the tickets to the "Beckahm crowd" instead of supporters. Probably a lot of sit-on-your-hands type of people. Not as intimidating as its being made out to be.

    Part of the people who actually make noise aside from the bottom of the section will be posted in the upper deck, away from the rest and away from the stage that helps carry sound from the section.

    More like Nordecke split up instead of expansion.

  4. I've always been all for the idea of expanding to the other side of the stage!

    My only concern is the fact that the tunnel is over there and I wonder if its a good idea to surround the opposing teams' only field exit with the most raucous fans.

    I'd love to be able to scream/chant at them as them enter and exit through there but we have a history of people throwing things and that setup just seems like too big of a temptation for those people to repeat their actions from a closer and more dangerous range.

    Perhaps a fence around the tunnel instead of just a railing would be the answer?

  5. Number 3. True, the FO screwed that up in their hunger to sell tickets as soon as possible. But, the FO also said that those people wanted to be in the Nordecke as well(who knows if that is true) and told them about the atmosphere there.

    I think we had some similiar problems last time the LA Galaxy came to town and it somehow worked out.

    I just hope that the FO was smart enough not to sell tickets to the soccer family crowd in the Nordecke section. That would be an absolute nightmare and if families complain that are standing there that's all on McCullers, the ticket guys, and etc., not are fault.

    We are just doing our thing. But, hey maybe it could be used for recruitment of new people.

    Also, this is why I'm glad we don't sell out like Toronto(despite what their fans say). Because tickets are not a hot commodity, above 14,000 sold usually, it allows us to have 3,000 in that section and even to have the possibility of expanding to 6,000.

    That would not be possible if we had a waiting list of 14,000 people waiting to get season tickets.