Tuesday, July 28, 2009

7/29/09: Should Moreno Keep Starting?

Is Moreno still the go to guy? (Picture by Jim Early)

In every sport, there is always going to be competition for starting spots on a team. Right now, as we all know, this is a situation that is happening between our own Steven Lenhart, Jason Garey, and Alejandro Moreno. With the pleasant and surprising play of the Bash Brothers, people are wondering if Moreno should be benched when he gets healthy. Right now, Moreno is in a different position because both Lenhart and Garey have stepped up their game and are demanding more playing time. As a Crew leader and veteran, if he works hard in training I believe he should continue to get many minutes for the team.

Sure, Lenhart and Garey are 2 young players who at the moment are really clicking playing side by side together, but you can't take Moreno out of the equation yet. He is a proven veteran, having played around 205 MLS games and experiencing 3 MLS Cup championships, scoring in last years MLS Cup in a 3-1 win for The Crew. He plays for his Venezuelen national team where he has played in World Cup qualifiers. He is a great player that young forwards on the team can continue to look up to.

Furthermore, in his career with The Crew, Moreno's numbers are a little better then the other 2 lads. Moreno has scored 19 goals in 64 appearences (29%) with the team . Yeah, those aren't great numbers but they are the best numbers we have at our forward position. Garey has 13 goals in 55 appearences (23%) and Lenhart has 6 goals in 25 appearences (24%). I'm not saying that Garey and Lenhart are bad, because their play recently have been magnificent, I'm just saying that they are still young and there can be much improvement.

Finally, Moreno has been playing the past 2 years as the lone striker and having to hold the ball and give it to other players when they come and help. If Moreno would have a striker beside him like Garey or Lenhart, it could be beneficial. And having Garey or Lenhart beside him could help them as they would improve with playing alongside a hard working Moreno.

As of right now, I feel that if Moreno works hard in training and he shows that he is a leader, he should still get valuable minutes. Its good that the Bash Brothers are playing really well together, but it may be good also if Moreno plays alongside one of them. Warzycha is going to have to evaluate this and see what happens when Guillermo is fit and ready, as he may want to think about using a different formation now that using 2 strikers is working out well. We will see what happens in the coming weeks.

As of now, see you later...

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  1. should moreno keep starting? NO!!

    your stats are a little biased... garey may have 55 appearences, but how many of them are starts? (let alone, starting with the A team, not a US open cup start)?? lenhart is in his second season and he always controls the final third of the field a hell of a lot better than moreno.

    I like jason and lenhart because they both are honest players. moreno dives in the box and gets a yellow card. I cried from laughing so hard at moreno when he did that a couple of games ago.

    Also, in my opinion, garey has been riding the bench for too long. im real glad to see him shine now that he is getting some starts.

    for the past couple years, i have really been dumbfounded by everyone in columbus and how they love moreno so much. its like people will just take whatever is handed to them (in this case, an aging sloppy player with little finesse who is usually in the top 5 for most fouled players in the mls) instead of questioning why this person is even on the roster.

    ok so its no real secret that i dont like moreno. except i did buy crewfighter a beer once because moreno actually did something cool. but anyways, arguing about who is the best out of our 3 strikers is a problem i would rather have over 7 ties in a row any day. this is a *good* problem to have.

  2. Yeah, you are right. Moreno has started more in the games he has played. Starting 64 out of 65 (my mistake when is said he played 64 total). Garey has started 28 out of 55 MLS games by the way. I was not counting reserve or open cup games.

  3. Crewfanatico, great first post. Gives us a lot to think about. I'm sure Warzycha is going through the same thought process right now. It's a good problem to have. Better than Lenhart and Garey failing (the last two weeks might have saved our season).

    I also think throwing Moreno out of the equation isn't smart. Lenhart and Garey need to do this quite a bit more, before I can say. I do think all three will get equal time with CCL coming up.