Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7/29/09: On the Market: Terry Cooke

On Tuesday, the Colorado Rapids released Terry Cooke, a midfielder who has been in the top 10 in assists in MLS the last 3 seasons. As the CONCACAF Champions League nears, as well as the push for the Playoffs, Supporter's Shield, and MLS Cup, the Crew should be looking to add depth while they can, especially if the price is right. According to the 2009 MLS player Salaries Cooke stands to make $192,500, though my guess is that Colorado would remain on the hook for a large sum of that, given the placement in the season. Keep in mind here, the Crew have not made any indication they would want this player, and at this point, any speculation about getting Cooke is purely mine. That said, would a player like Terry Cooke be a good fit for the Crew? Let's look at it from both sides:

The Good:

- Adds a player who produced 34 assists in 4 seasons with the Rapids
- Brings depth and experience to the wings
- Most likely not going to cost the Crew his full 2009 salary
- Could be used as an unprotected player at the end of the season for the expansion draft

The Bad:

- Adds another aging player (Cooke will be 33 next week)
- Most likely a salary near or over $100k for the rest of the year
- Used to room with David Beckham, which means he could be an idiot

Despite the age and salary, my opinion is that this would be a good pickup for the club. Cooke's leadership would definitely be useful in CONCACAF Champions League games, or in the off chance we might want to rest the starters against a bottom feeder, like New York or Dallas. Plus, at the end of the year, he might help keep a younger player from getting snatched up by Philadelphia in the expansion draft.


  1. I would have questioned this theory entirely if it had not been for your mention of the expansion draft. Isn't our spending spree capped around 250,000 or so right now? Personally I would have rather stuck Noonan in the mid permanently for CONCACAF than Cooke. If he's not selected in the expansion draft then I see us getting rid of him next year just as we did with Pat. Now that our depth has been established, could be somewhat of a gamble with our cap? Any other opinions??

  2. Dude! The season ticket speical games A,B,C are the CONCACAF Champions league games for the Crew at home!

  3. I would be cool with it if he costs $100,000 and we get Renteria for around Moreno's price of $150,000 for the rest of the season.

    Would be two solid acquisitions. Terry Cooke alone though, I don't know about that. Also, if the Crew were interested in Cooke they probably would have ironed something out in a trade for Cooke when they got rid of Noonan.

    I think the Crew said they are not looking at any MLS trades, just straight up international as well.

  4. Btw, great stuff guys. It's nice to come on here. Write an article and see two others already up. Keep it up.