Friday, July 31, 2009

7/31/09: Late Edition! 7/25 Crew v. TFC Player Ratings

by JB the First

Massive photo credit to Jim Early

As part of a new Crewture feature, I'll be collecting player ratings from Crew fans around the world and averaging them to get one, true, mathematically infallible People's Rating for each player. In the future, this feature will be published at a much more relevant time, assuming the ratings are posted in an expedient fashion. Below are the official People's Rating for each player's performance last weekend against Toronto:

-------------------------Hesmer (7)---------------------------

Hejduk (6.84)----Brunner (6.41)----Iro (4)----Padula (6.16)

------------------O'Rourke (7.69)----Carroll (5.97)----------------

Oughton (5.38)---------------------------------------Gaven (6)

-----------Lenhart (7.31)----Garey (6.94)-----------------


Ekpo (7.06)

Moffat (5.69)

If you disagree, too bad. You can't argue with math.

With only one game, it's hard to generate too many sciencey-looking graphs, but here's a graphical breakdown of last Saturday's ratings:

If you view the graph like you would the field, with Hesmer on the left, you can see that as a whole, The People would have liked to see a little more out of the midfield, with the exception of Danny O'Rourke, who earns the title of being the first ever People's Man of the Match. Congratulations to Danny.

And finally, The People's Comment of the Match, the best comment accompanying player ratings that I have received:

"Ekpo: Spark. Speed. Run. Good"
-mmradio13 of BigSoccer
Stay tuned for more of The People's Ratings shortly following every Crew game.

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  1. Nice stuff JB. I really like this feature. I think it will be really cool once we get some ratings for the season and against different teams. Maybe we can even rate the other teams players. Hell, maybe even the coaches will take a gander then.

    Keep plugging away on this. I like this feature, hopefully the responses will come a bit faster this next week as most people won't be too worn out on an away game.