Thursday, July 30, 2009

7/30/09: Crew (Rumor) Updates

Written by Danndamanny:

Hi guys, this is my first article on Crewture! I plan on contributing with "information" any chance I get (which will probably be every few weeks or so). Some of the information will be BIG such as whether or not Crew Stadium will get certain games/concerts/etc, and some of it will be small such as injury reports, and starting lineups for upcoming games.

I hope you enjoy my articles, and feel free to comment with any ideas or questions you have.

So here goes:

Emilio Renteria is 99% signed by the Crew. I expect him to be a crew player by late August if not sooner. However, there are a few minor details that need to be sorted out but I am VERY confident he will be part of the squad before the NYRB game.

Other news:

  • The Crew are in the process of signing a young developmental player from Africa. I was not able to get his name so I leave that up to you guys... Who do you think it is? Was there even anybody on the radar? All I know is that he is from Africa and will be on our developmental roster... I will try to get a name in the coming days, if not, expect him to be signed soon.

  • Although the Parking Lot siatuion has already been talked about a lot, I though I would give an update. The money has been set, The Crew plans are set, now the Crew are in talks with the Expo center about which areas will be paved. I guess some of the money was to be used for the area around the state fair (Which is already paved!)....
My Prediction: by next season about half of the grass area, will be paved.

Under all of my articles as you know there is a section for comments... Ask a question that can be answered next time I get information. I will try to take the best 2-3 questions and get them answered.

I hope this info helps you all get your "crew fix".
Go Crew.



  1. Can't wait to see Renteria in Crew Gear

  2. Curious as to your sources for the Renteria info et al.?

    Shawn Mitchell has not been able to shed much light on the Renteria situation, if it like you say really a 99% done deal than that is quite a development. Hope the Crew get it done.

  3. I am sorry, but if I told you my sources, they would not be very happy.

    I am not telling you that you have to believe me, but I have a pretty decent track record

  4. The fact that a visa comes into play at all makes the deal much less than 99% certain. 50% at best.Even if it were true that the crew want him and he wants to join the crew, I've simply seen way too many complications with moves like this to get excited. I hope it works out thought...

  5. I like your optimism Crewfighter