Friday, July 31, 2009

8/1/09: How Can We Keep Up With This Creativity?

So, the Nordecke might not consist totally of real ultras and most of us may not be very hooligan by English standards and we might not even have the sharpest wit 24/7. :-) But, geez, at least we are not this sad.

Seriously, why anyone would waste film on this nerd convention is beyond me. It's like 35 Pumba's in one room, at least we only have one of those. If I was them I would keep this nerdom under raps instead of posting it on youtube for all footie fans to see, LOL. But, thanks... Jesus, they make it too easy.

Too much good stuff for the next TFC video Crewture puts out.

These two last dated the same fat girl in the 6th grade.

This is the most attention this guy gets in his whole life.

You could probably count on one hand the ammount of girls this room of 50 or so guys has racked up in the last decade.

What no video reaction around the 92nd minute. Aww, well that's sad.

Anyways, here's a chant remedy:
"Build a bonfire! Build a bonfire!"
Put Chicago on the top!
Put Toronto in the middle!
And we'll burn the whole f**king lot! F**king lot!"

Would be doing the world a huge favor.


  1. Hmm.. probably posted by a Red Bitch Boy. I like how the first one ends a second before Lenhart's goal.. I would've loved to see their spirits :D

    As for other content for insults, I offer this photo from a recent trip to the Columbus Zoo

  2. Wow, that is embarrassing. And, isn't this supposed to be their top bar as well, I see no one there either.

    Anyways, the guy in the first video in the red looks like he does a lot of what he is chanting.