Thursday, July 9, 2009

7/9/09: Stanley, we hardly knew ye.

From Shawn Mitchell's blog:
The Crew has parted ways with midfielder Stanley Nyazamba, a midfielder who had yet to make an appearance in an MLS game.

Nyazamba signed a contract extension pushing his guarantee date to Sept. 30 and the Crew terminated his contract. The Crew now has a second open roster slot and adds a senior-roster minimum $34,000 to its salary budget.

Trialist Assan Jatta has yet to arrive in Columbus. Indications are that the Crew will look to other international options to fill a roster slot.

My thoughts: Interesting move by the Crew. Nyazamba wasn't about to do anything for the Crew, as everyone could see the writing on the wall, but why get rid of him unless you're going to bring in a player at his price(someone like Richard Jatta) or unless you're in need of more cash for another signing, like Maldonado?

Also, looks like Assan Jatta was the biggest waste of time. From the POV of FC Dallas fans, where Jatta trialed, it sounds like the Crew were not missing out on much. So, I think this is a good thing, a guy who couldn't make it in the Belgian 2nd or 3rd divisions doesn't really strike me as someone who would tear it up in MLS. Have fun at Steve Biko FC.

Let's bring on a bigger and better signing. Have to think that with the Crew dropping players left and right, something is up.

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  1. Carsten Jancker is out there. Used to play for the German national team and Bayern Munich. But since then, he has been going to China and Mattersburg in Austria. He currently has no team to sign him. He is kind of like Gino. Been all over the place. Not the best but can have an impact on the Crew.