Thursday, July 9, 2009

7/9/09: Crew Snippets

Crew players Robbie Rogers and Chad Marshall are making an impact in the Gold Cup for the United States.

**Mitchell has updated the Nyazamba stituation as apparently a DUI arrest over the weekend could have been the last straw in the Crew-Nyazamba relationship. A relationship in which Nyazamba, who has been in trouble before, never made a league appearance for the Crew.

** According to Alex Koppelman at, Obama may have missed a shot at diplomacy through soccer via the USA-Honduras match, the article also mentions the Crew's anticipated photo op with President Obama on Monday.

Speaking of the visit, Steven Lenhart has some worldly thoughts on visiting the White House as well, click here. Good for a few laughs. It's Crew Xtra clip #2, should already be the first one on the scroll.

**With a little reflection on USA vs. Honduras, Robbie Rogers and Chad Marshall had impressive outings once again in the USA's 2-0 win over Honduras at RFK. Rogers was a terror, changing his speeds on the wing and blowing by his marker while Marshall was a rock in defense. Those performances have impressed a lot of USA fans and that result has led to some extremely complimentary ratings by Soccer365's Greg Seltzer that I agree with:

Chad Marshall (7) - Though generally very commanding in the air, he did misjudge one restart poorly and still seems rather susceptible to lobs over the top. Nit-picks aside, it was a very shrewd performance, complete with a decent passing game for the majority of the game. It will take a few more of these outings to call him a top World Cup squad contender, but he's definitely in the frame now.

Robbie Rogers (7) - Though unable to produce end product, the Crew winger was much more consistent than his opposite. His decisions and forays on the ball seem more difficult to handle than in the past. With most other refs, he'd have drawn twice as many free kicks. Rogers probably should have taken the Quaranta cross with his head and wasn't overly involved in help defending down his wing (which may not be a terrible thing considering how he was rounded at the endline two minutes in). However, he repeatedly combined with Pearce in possession to tilt their wing heavily all night - which in and of itself I'd consider "preventative defense". Like Columbus teammate Marshall, a few more displays like this will bring him seriously into the World Cup squad conversation.

Only Perkins, Davies, and Quaranta also received 7's, no one else received a higher rating except for Feilhaber with a 8.


**Sounds like the Chicago Fire supporters are getting desperate to beef up their numbers for Saturday's match against the Crew and are hoping for some randoms to come stand in their ranks. This comes from Section 8, via En Fuego. Section 8 is additionally concerned about Crew supporters sneaking into their section for some reason. On the other side, I just hope that no hispanic teenagers comically throw rocks at us this time, :-) :

Section 8 Chicago invites all Fire supporters to join us in Sections 117/118 this Saturday to support the Fire against Columbus. Tickets in our sections are available for a discounted $15 price on our store Come into the section early, be loud, and bring friends who'll stand and sing.

To help you get to the game, we're running a bus to Toyota Park from the Elephant & Castle in the Loop, $10 for a roundtrip and beer on the bus. For details and to book ahead, click here

As always, we will be tailgating before the game, starting at 4pm, in the North Lot. So stop by, grab a bite and have a drink with us. For more information about the tailgate, click here

Finally, please be aware that Columbus are bringing a few hundred fans to the game. We strongly advise that you do not approach their section, as it will only cause problems for everyone. At the same time, no Columbus fans are allowed in Fire supporter sections. Security will remove them if you identify them -- please approach a Section 8 leader or Toyota Park security if you see a Columbus fan in or around sections 117/118.
So official..

See you all Saturday, go Fire!

No reason to go over there Crew fans(even to say "hi, how are you doing fellow MLS supporter") as Chicago has an inferiority complex(they think they have such an amazing section when they blow) and is so weak and measly in reality that it's pointless for us to cause any trouble. It's like picking on a section of slow people. Sure, it might be a bit entertaining, but not worth the time.

Also, most of us should have better things to do then steal Chicago memorbilia. What would we do with it anyways other than wipe our ass with it? Shit club. Not worth the bother.


  1. Not worth the time indeed.

    Look at this image made by a Fire fan:

    Apparently someone didn't tell this asshat that they have 2,000 to 3,000 less in attendance then us this year. And, 1 section compared to our 5.

  2. Take the shitcago stuff and make a Fire and piss on it.