Wednesday, July 8, 2009

7/8/09: Blue Nordecke

Last night in the Gold Cup doubleheader, myself and a couple of other HSH as well as CSU fans became honorable El Salavadorans for the night. Rooting in the Nordecke with La Turbina Amarilla which is about 80-90% percent El Salvadoran and other fellow Columbus El Salvadorans. The choice to root for El Salavador was an obvious one as "La Selecta" were playing Canada which had in their ranks new TFC hitman Ali Gerba, TFC transfer target Julian De Guzman, and TFC reject Greg Sutton.

As a result, we stood right in the middle of the El Salvadoran supporters, chanted El Salvadoran chants, even had a nice carne asada tortilla meal before the game. We also got the "you suck a$$hole" going on corners, and sang "Greg Sutton is a pedophile", and even flicked Klukowski off multiple times on corners although I have no clue who he is.

The crowd was about 85% percent El Salvadoran, 13% percent Crew fans pulling for El Salvador, and about 2% percent Canadian. I guess Canadian's only travel when it's the glorious Toronto FC. But, the national team, who cares as their turnout was a bit embarrassing. Nevertheless, Gerba and especially Guzman are going to be terror's for Toronto FC. Julian De Guzman is a hell of a player.

In the end, El Salvador lost 1-0 as they played boot ball most of the game to 4'11 forwards and Canada played the better game. But, all in all a fun night. Hopefully, La Turbina used the night as a recruitment tool because if LTA can get more of those El Salvadorans into the Nordecke the place would be rocking. They know how to make some noise.

Btw, liked the El Salvador/Crew Champions flag:

Also, in the earlier game, if I was the Crew I would look to sign as their attacker Jamaican Luton Shelton. I thought he was the best striker on the night and looked miles better than anyone else on the field when he came on. Shelton has height, pace, and the technical ability. If Rogers ends up going to Europe this summer then the Crew should pick up Moldanado and Shelton with the extra money from Rogers and Noonan in my uptopian mind that disregards that their salaries are probably much higher.


Would be a straight up dream team.

Videos of the games:


  1. Your a retard...go CANADA...oh and columbus is the worst city in the world...MOVE!

  2. I wouldnt move to Canada/ support TFC if you taped a grenade to my mouth and tied my hands to battery acid.

  3. i was kinda disappointed in shelton, he came on with about 20 minutes left and i didnt feel much of an impact from him. not saying hes bad however ...

    de guzman and gerba were nasty, not sure how/why hutchinson got motm.

    yea that corner looked pretty nuts cause it seemed like every person over there had an el salvadorian (?) flag

  4. Canada sucks cock! Any Canadian/TFC fan looking on this site must be a closet Crew fan. Fucking tool.

  5. "Anonymous Said,

    Your a retard...go CANADA...oh and columbus is the worst city in the world...MOVE!

    Posted on July 8, 2009 6:50 PM"

    Wow... way to butcher the first word of a post talking shit about other people. Fucking canadiens...

    Since you probably still don't understand what I'm talking about, it is "You're" not "Your" dumbass.