Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7/7/09: Crew Headed To The White House Next Monday

From Shawn Mitchell's blog:
The MLS champion Crew is slated to visit the White House for a congratulatory meeting with the president on Monday.

The Crew plans to fly to Washington on Monday morning and spend a couple of hours in the capital before returning that evening.

More in Wednesday's Dispatch.


  1. Can someone please remind President Obama about the proper protocol when greeting Schelotto.
    He is to:
    1. Bow to Schelotto
    2. Walk to Schelotto with his head lowered (Schelotto will let him know if he is fortunate to gaze upon him).
    3. The President is to then offer his hand to Schelotto.
    4. If Schelotto wants to offer him his hand he will.
    5. If Schelotto does offer his hand then the President is allowed to look at Schelotto, but only for 3 seconds then gaze back at the floor.
    6. The President will be allowed to talk to Schlelotto, however if Schelotto does talk back, then President Obama should understand that the mere sound of Schelotto's voice is a blessing. And only the Nordecke is allowed to have this blessing.
    However the President should not feel that he is part of the Nordecke, because after all he is from Chicago and that is reason enought not to vote for him in the next election.
    7. When Schelotto decides to leave it is the duty of the Secret Service to protect Schelotto,because he is the most important person to EVER be in the White House.
    When Schelotto leaves the White House, Handels Messiah is to be played by the USMC Drum and Bugle Corps.
    And finally after and only after Schelotto leaves the White House is President Obama allowed to gloat about basking in the presence of Schelotto.

  2. Wow, that is pretty fucking funny but I do not believe thats how its gunna go.

  3. It's ok Anonymous #1. I understand your humor. That's awesome haha. Seriously did #3 honestly believe you were being serious about how it was "gunna go".

    Hilarious shit

  4. Awesome! This is true. But since there is a cultural border with Obama being ignorant of soccer, it just won't happen. Then Schelotto's secret service will have to teach him. Awesome! GTFO #2

  5. This was simply meant as a joke.If anyone out there took what I posted offensively, the please buy a sense of humor there cheap.I bought my sense of humor at Dollar Tree.