Saturday, July 4, 2009

7/4/09: Crew Whittling Down Attacking Target

A guy like Jamaican striker Luton Shelton certainly would make sense as one of the four or five Crew targets, especially with Jamaica and the 23 year old Shelton in town next week.

According to Shawn Mitchell
, Pat Noonan could be replaced soon:
The Crew has whittled a list of about 30 potential international signings down to "four or five players" and it is likely the team will fill the roster spot of the departed Pat Noonan with a foriegn player new to MLS, a team source said today.

One of the players under consideration is scheduled to arrive for a trial next week, although his identity was being withheld by the club until his travel plans were finalized.

My thoughts: I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Shelton may be one. It would be absurd at least, when the Crew are looking for an attacker, not to at least have a "hey, how's it going" discussion with Shelton while he is in Columbus.

The guy has been money for Jamaica's national team with 27 goals in 43 appearances at the age of 23! But, ever since blowing up Harbour View and Helsingborg, he hasn't had the same effect with Sheffield United, Valarenga, or Aalborg. His loan to Aalborg terminates on June 30, 2009, and it's doubtful at best that Valarenga wants him after his unsuccessful loan stint with Aalborg. Shelton's strike rate from 2004-2007 shows however that he could do some damage in MLS and his price tag has to have gone down extensively.

I would put my money down on him being one of the "four or five".

Here's a video of Shelton in action, looks like the pacey sort of forward the Crew might be after:

At his age, Shelton may still have opportunities in Europe. But, being Jamaican and having Jamaican national team players like Tyrone Marshall playing in MLS, would be beneficial for Shelton to see that MLS would be a good place to go to possibly revive his career.

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  1. hell yeah crew. i love the news. Exciting to see the crew going for solid young players. good read.