Friday, July 3, 2009

7/3/09: Happy Almost Fourth of July

Check out these sparklers.

I'm working on a banner and some other prep work for tomorrow. So, might be a little late on the Crew vs. DC preview. The preview will either be up tonight (if I can type something up before 11:30 and bar time) or real early tomorrow.

Anyways, in better news, got the Ultra special today at Wal Mart. 24 smoke balls(8 of them yellow, using for the walk over from Ruby's and the holidays, of course never for the game :-) ), a queen size flat sheet that Wal Mart rung up wrong and gave to me for just three dollars, yellow and black paint, and a paint brush all for 12 bucks.. Awesome overall price.

I'm bringing all my banners tomorrow, think Thoma is doing the same. Hell, if you got some free time before the bar tonight make one as well fellow Nordeckians.

It's your patriotic duty to the Crew.

Anyways, preview will be up either later tonight or at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Peace and be safe, D.C. United may be lurking around the local bars.

P.S. search for "chants" in my search bar above and do a little practice on Columbus is the Greatest, Horto, and We'll Be Coming. Giving them all another crack tomorrow.


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