Thursday, July 30, 2009

7/30/09: Renteria Excited About Move To Columbus And Venezuelan NT Prospects

Renteria: “I fell very good” article translated in English from (A few words may be off & a couple of words were added to help with the translation.)

The good performances of Emilio Renteria with Caracas FC, both at the national tournament and Copa Libertadores, has translated into good news for the forward from Nuevo Horizonte. First, a transfer from your team to the Ohio based Columbus Crew, and then a call to complete the national team selection.

In regards to the call from Venezuelan national team coach Farias, Renteria told, “In truth, I feel very good, very happy for the call. I really look forward to proving myself on the field to earn a place not only here, but for the next call up.”

Renteria was given the location to start training by Venezuelan’s technical unit and will join the national team camp this Saturday in Puerto La Cruz.

Renteria’s debut with Venezuela was with the national team in the first game of this cycle, so he already knows Farias style of play. But, for him this meeting is different: “I think one of the comparisons to the other call is that this is a friendly match and the other matches have been for the World Cup playoffs. I will treat this game just like an elimination game, to prepare for the ones that follow.”

South America’s qualifying is “complicated because two teams are going to be more on the outside looking in because Chile is doing things right. But, our choices are working, we are doing things right, so I think the national team will get some good results away from home.”

Another thing on Emilio’s mind is Venezuela’s trip to the U.S. As Emilio’s journey to reach the Columbus Crew begins here in Venezuela with the national team and once he steps into the Northern United States(for a friendly against Colombia in New York), he will stay there to await orders placed by new head coach Robert Warzycha.

“The national team starts training here on Saturday and will leave for the United States on the 8th or 9th of August, I’ll go with them and we will train as a group. Once I’m in the United States, after the game I’ll go with my national team teammate(Alejandro Moreno), who will also be my partner in my new team.”

Regarding the confirmation of his signing and presentation to the media, Renteria said: “Once I get there with the national team I will say when this will all happen. When they(Columbus) come to tell me when the presentation will be.”

My thoughts: As danndamanny stated, the deal is 99% percent completed. Some individuals I have talked to from Venezuela have said that Caracas FC are already looking for a replacement and that Renteria is no longer under contract with the Copa Libertadores quarterfinalists. The Crew may want one more look at Renteria before finalizing(Mitchell has said the Crew won't sign someone without a trial but Moreno and possibly Bliss have already taken their looks). Also, the Crew had to give the Venezuelan striker some sort of guarentee of a contract for him to completely cut ties with a successful team like Caracas FC. Renteria was a popular player at the club and it's unlikely that he would cut ties with Caracas without a guarentee.

Further, the hold up and secrecy from the Crew and media on this side of the hemisphere is probably because Emilio Renteria was slated to join the Crew this Thursday or Friday, making the flight up from Maracay in Costa Rica where Caracas FC is undergoing preseason preparations. But, Renteria (slightly unexpected) got the call up for the August 12th friendly against Colombia in New York. Renteria will get his VISA before that visit and then head to Columbus with Moreno after the game.

Depending on how many minutes Renteria and Moreno get for Venezuela they could both play against FC Dallas, but it's more likely that both will sit out that game, especially if they play a role in the friendly and will instead be ready for the Crew's Concacaf Champions League debut at home on August 18th against either the Puerto Rico Islanders or Toronto FC. (I suspect the Crew will trot out two seperate forward lines(Moreno and Renteria for CCL games, Lenhart and Garey for league games) and maybe a couple changes in midfield and defense for Concacaf Champions League weeks to keep their field position players fresh.)

Also, it's likely that Nyazamba's spot will also be filled (according to dandamanny) soon as well, so expect the Crew to have a full squad near or around the commencement of the CONCACAF Champions League.


  1. My MLS line-up (with GBS injured)
    GK- Hesmer D- Hejduk, O'Rourke, Marshall, Padula M- Rogers, Carroll, Moffat, Gaven F- Lenhart, Garey

    My CONCACAF line-up (with GBS injured)
    GK- Hesmer/Gruenbaum D- Zayner, O'Rourke/Marshall, Iro, Brunner M- Ekpo, Carroll, Moffat, Rogers/Gaven/Oughton F- Renteria(if under contract), Moreno

  2. Hejduk and Padula are too old to do both tournaments and mess with traveling. Hesmer should be fine since he is a GK.
    O'Rourke and Marshall can switch on and off with that CB option with Iro the other CB and Brunner on the left.

    Midfield is tougher because we have no depth in the middle so i put moffat and carroll for both, but maybe oughton or burns can fill in. But u need atleast one of the starters there atleast. Rogers and Gaven can switch on and off with one wing and Ekpo can take the other.