Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7/29/09: Laughing Stock FC Loses 1-0 to Islanders At Home

Bill Gaudette will do glove changes or even a little grab ass to win.

Well, looks like Toronto FC's dreams of getting some pay back on the Crew in the CONCACAF Champions League has hit a roadblock as Chris Cummins and TFC were outhustled and outsmarted by the lower division Puerto Rico Islanders who won tonight at BMO Field 1-0. Puerto Rico had just about one shot and one shot was good enough as TFC keeper Stefan Frei came out mind-numbingly in the 67th minute, didn't get the ball, and Islanders striker Kendall Jagdeosingh finished a perfect strike from a bad angle to give Puerto Rico the 1-0 lead.

One shot was all it took, although TFC looked done and dusted from the first whistle as their minds still seemed in Columbus. However, a few late attacks from O'Brian White and Danny Dichio gave TFC's fanboys some slim hopes of at least getting a tie at home.

In the 82nd minute, former Crew goalkeeper Bill Guadette had a magical save on Danny Dichio's header to preserve the 1-0 lead. Guadette(giving a double dosage of the curse of the Crew) was a terror all night for the Reds and their fans, even getting away with a glove change that took five minutes off of the clock, before finally receiving a yellow card four and a half minutes into the amusing switch.

Even BMO Field (which falsely claims to be the toughest place to play in MLS even though the results tell otherwise) wasn't very terrifying for the visiting Islanders who looked more comfortable on the pitch than TFC's eleven looked most of the night. The fans matched the teams spirit, as the only chanting came from a few guys on megaphones the whole night as the noise level was simply pathetic. The loudest moment came from a "ohh!! na na na!!" rap chant. A sign in the corner, saying "The Fortress", made me chuckle. Toronto FC and the Red Patch Boys may want to hire some of us as consultants on how to build a fortress. Being undefeated in 19 at home equates to a fortress, having no streak at home because you lost your last one to a USL side at home doesn't equate to a fortress.

Anyways, Crew fans annoyed with the prospect of possibly playing Toronto FC seven times this year have nothing to worry about. If the playoffs started today Toronto would be out and Puerto Rico has more smarts and heart than TFC does to finish them off down in Puerto Rico.

Toronto FC just simply doesn't have the heart, the team or it's fans to get it done, and because of that they will sink without a trace in this competition and in the MLS playoff race down the road.

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  1. Dear Toronto FC,
    Your a Canadian soccer team and last time I checked Canada SUCKS at soccer! Despite the fact you have other players from different countries your your "Canadiehism" still rubs off on them. You claim to have the best supporters and most"Intimidating" Stadium. Sorry but the Crew beat you there and if we didn't I'm pretty sure DC does. Seems how they play in an F***ING baseball stadium and still manage to cram their fans in to one small section. I remember going to the Crew games in 06 and late into 07 season and NO ONE was there! The biggest supporter section was probably 10-15 college students with a drum and flags. Now you can't hear your self think! And it's only gonna get better!

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    Thanks and Toronto remember UNDEFEATED