Monday, July 27, 2009

7/27/09: More Renteria To Columbus News

Although Mitchell says that there are no reasons to get our knickers in a bunch without a trial. It seems that Emilio Renteria might be on his way to Columbus for a trial. Which has some Crew fans saying, "Trial? A national team member with 9 goals in 16 matches and with Copa Libertadores experience (very successful experience), why would they trial him?"

Here's a couple new reports. As it seems despite news that Renteria signed an extension weeks ago and despite the downplaying up here, that something is up. All of Caracas wouldn't be reporting in such detail on this, out of thin air, if it wasn't nothing.

I think what it is, is Renteria wants to play in MLS and with Venezuelan teammate Alejandro Moreno in America. Himself or his agent were overly excited about the new opportunity that they spilled it to the Venezuelan press a bit before the fact (possibly even to get better contract offers from Caracas FC and Argentinian clubs). While the Crew are downplaying it a little, because the Crew want him for just a trial and want to see him first before giving him a nice contract. Makes sense enough.

Here's the new reports.

From the report:

July 26, 2009

Forward Emilio Renteria will increase the list of "red wine" players playing overseas when he puts on the shirt of the Columbus Crew from MLS. He abandoned this Sunday afternoon the pre-season camp he realized with his Caracas FC teammates in Maracay.

Between Monday and Tuesday he will close out the details with the red institution and will start the paperwork for his work visa to be able to travel on Wednesday or Thursday.

When consulted about his departure, Renteria didn't confirm anything. "I'm waiting for confirmation from my agent. I'm waiting for his phone call", said Renteria from Maracay.

It's the Columbus Crew's responsibility to finalize everything including the length of stay and other details per MLS rules.

For now, Noel Sanvicente has to find a replacement for the player born in Nuevo Horizonte, in case everything works out for the player.

The deer Renteria would have as his teammate a fellow forward of the "red wine" selection, Alejandro Moreno.

And, today from the article:

Mercado: Emilio Renteria will leave for the Columbus Crew, where Alejandro Moreno is also on the roster
27/07/2009 01:55:53

After many weeks of constant rumors over the possible departure of Emilio "The Deer" Renteria overseas, today we know that the forward will move to the Columbus Crew of MLS where the other "red wine" forward Alejandro Moreno plays.

Emilio Renteria had offers from portuguese football clubs as well as clubs from Chile but he deemed the offer from Columbus as the most attractive one and decided to move on to the United States. This will not be his first experience overseas as he also played with Levante in Spain a few years back.

"The Deer" was a Caracas player until yesterday and already said his good-byes to his former teammates in the city of Maracay, where they were all in pre-season training. Renteria leaves with good memories of his time at Caracas, specifically the last half-year in which he excelled in the Copa Libertadores with Caracas FC.

Although the transfer of Renteria to MLS looks like a matter of a few hours, the Venezuelan forward didn't confirm anything saying instead "I'm waiting for confirmation from my agent. I'm waiting for his phone call".

In the next hours we'll know the details of the contract signed by Renteria with the Columbus Crew. Truth is that Renteria fulfilled his dream of playing again outside of Venezuela and between Wednesday and Thursday will be leaving for the United States.

Caracas will be going back to work in looking for a forward that will let them forget about Emilio Renteria. There are no names being mentioned yet but it's an obligation for the red directive to find a solid forward if they want to fight for it all this year.

Here's a new video compilation of Renteria:

And another blast on this second goal:


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