Sunday, July 26, 2009

7/26/09: USA's "B" Team Decisively Beaten 5-0 By Mexico In Gold Cup. Just A Great Way To Piss Off The "A" Team For Azteca.

Mexico rejoices as they lift the peanut trophy, otherwise known as the Gold Cup, today by beating the United States 5-0 at Giants Stadium in front of 70,000 or so Mexican-Americans.

Apparently, this is a big deal to Mexican-Americans and Mexican-Mexicans. As Mexico's united brethren finally have beaten rivals that have absolutely killed them every time on the field the past decade. Yes! Finally, Mexico has beaten the USA in a tournament that even American soccer fans don't care about.

Yeah, that's right. I couldn't get excited about a "B" team national tournament, that's like getting excited about the U-18 World Cup. Sure, it's nice if you win, but if you get booted you're not absolutely gutted about it. Just couldn't get into it as the last game I watched in this tournament was a good group contest between USA vs Honduras at RFK. But, since I was busy for the following games I didn't catch them. And, today, I was going to watch but I totally forgot USA vs. Mexico was on until about a hour after the game was over.

It's just not a big deal. The real test for CONCACAF supremacy is World Cup qualifying. Further, a US game doesn't mean anything unless I see the names Donovan, Onyewu, and Howard involved. Heck, this win doesn't even give Mexico a bid for the next Confederations Cup, as that will go to the 2011 winner.

In the end, the Gold Cup is just a way to make CONCACAF and Jack Warner some more money. Sure, it's nice to win, as you rather win everything. But, it's on the level of the U.S. Open Cup for MLS teams. It's just not important enough to call in the "A" squad.

Also, if anything this is a good thing. Because now the "A" team will try even harder to restake the national team's honor by beating Mexico at Azteca in World Cup qualifying. That will mean a ton more than anything Mexico has done today.

I know it will because I'll actually remember to watch that one.

But, hey at least someone cares (if we win in Azteca I know the first thing I'll do, make a youtube smack talk video):


  1. I watched all the games. That was because I wanted to see Robbie and Chad play. And they did. And I feel they played well. This game though...... damn it.

  2. Seen this yet? Toronto coach after game.

  3. Yeah I saw this one last night. Forgot to post about it though. Will do.

  4. Why were we playing the B team anyway? Don't we want to win these tournaments?