Sunday, July 26, 2009

7/26/09: Crew To Bolster Their Side By Signing Emilio Renteria?

Crew to sign 25 year old Venezuelan Emilio Renteria? (Picture by luisvinotinto)

The Crew are starting to get closer to making an international acquisition or two with the $250,000 the club has stockpiled to reinforce their now first place side. Apparently, the decision to wait for the right signing was a good one with the bench stepping up to score six goals in the last two games garnering two straight wins, The Trillum Cup, and regaining first place around the same time they did last year before their big playoff run. What a better time to bolster the side and keep that momentum going when spirits are high.

The Crew passed on Assan Jatta and Papy Kimoto, and have started moving up the line looking for more talented prospects. And, apparently the Crew are very close to signing 25 year old Venezuelan striker Emilio "The Deer" Renteria, in fact Venezuelan sources are saying the deal is done despite Renteria inking a one year extension with Copa Libradores quarterfinalists Caracas FC just weeks ago. Apparently the Crew must have paid even a transfer fee if this is the case.

As this comes from Venezuelan top soccer website
The "deer" took off the red
Emilio Renteria leave discipline and Caracas FC will join the Columbus Crew of Alejandro Moreno. The passing of the attacker's New Horizon is a significant drop in plans for Avileña.

As one of its zapatazos. So sudden and unexpected passing of Rentería is the American soccer, the MLS is your destiny and be at least the remainder of the season in the land of "Uncle Sam" along with another Venezuelan Alejandro Moreno.

Emilio Renteria, who is currently in Maracay by doing preseason with the club in Havana, will join the roster of the current champion of the MLS, a negligible change from the brown Nuevo Horizonte continue between champions. The output of the attacker causes a significant drop in plans for Noel Sanvicente the player who had to deal with the 2009-2010 season. Unofficially it was learned that one of Colombia would be coming forward this week.

Still on top
Last year was special for the gang of Ohio. The club, one of the ten founders of the MLS won the championship and Alejandro Moreno in the attack highlighted the table aurinegro. Currently occupy the first position of the Eastern Conference with one point difference on the Chicago Fire. The league held the All-Star Game this Wednesday, and the new set of Renteria be reduced eleven meetings of the regular season.

And, from Canal Vinotinto:
It appears that Emilio Rentaría has reached agreement with the team of the MLS Columbus Crew, though management Caracas FC it has not already confirmed several digital sources Venezuelans are made by the departure of the "Deer." Rentaría has played in Spain with Levante, with the now extinct Italchacao and Italmaracaibo with Union Atletico Maracaibo and Caracas FC in

Emilio has been a great player who always gives everything on the field, we wish you luck and hope to put many goals in MLS, where he will accompany Zurdo Rojas and Alejandro Moreno.

Moreover, the offensive of Caracas FC view could be weakened by the departure of Rodrigo Prieto (Pueblo) and the aforementioned Emilio Renteria. It remains to be seen whether the young Portuguese Andre Martins, along with Castellin and perhaps some of the guys who were on loan or on the Caracas FC B, can satisfy the thirst of the National Champion Goal strike.

There are dozen more reports stating the same out of Venezuela. Big signing, was a big help to Caracas run in Copa Libradores. Can score from deep as well. Also, having Alejandro Moreno should help his assimilation to the area.


Lol, yeah he might be alright. :-)

Yeah 25 and these goals. I would just give him $200,000 and sign someone cheaper with the rest. Maybe a Chris Sharpe or Richard Jata with Nyazamba's money.

Anyways, got to think that the Crew will play two strikers if they are signing Emilio Renteria. It seems to be working better for us anyways. They might even have Renteria and Moreno play Champions League and then have Lenhart and Garey do the league games during that time. Would make sense as Renteria and Moreno would be a similiar duo, with Moreno holding up the ball and letting "the deer" run off of him.

I like. :-)


  1. he is a good player and will play well alongside Moreno...

  2. crewfighter, you know im skeptical of venezeulan forwards ... hopefully this guy dives a little less