Friday, July 24, 2009

7/24/09: Crew Jersey's In Belfast, Northern Ireland

This comes from Nate Beckman who is on vacation in Northern Ireland:


Last week, while shopping the soccer gear sales at sports shops in Northern Ireland (they were EVERYWHERE), I came across a site so lovely and surprising that I literally stopped dead in my tracks and yelled, "GET. OUT!" To my left was a shop with two jerseys in the window: Chelsea FC and The Crew. I must admit that after seeing my home club stationed next to my least favorite club in that window, I started dreaming for the match up. Maybe in the World Club Championship in '11?

I went inside to inquire further, and it was explained that while they're not selling a ton of them, the shop (appropriately named Gino) decided to pick up some MLS jerseys after the Beckham Galaxy jerseys did so well. As you'll see in the pictures, inside we are stationed next to Red Bulls jerseys, leading me to believe our '08 Cup victory has something to do with the window display. Regardless, it was fun to see international exposure for the Black & Gold. Further, I wore a Crew training top into my hotel pub in Dublin, and the bartender immediately recognized it and called out the city and club. Normally, that would have been the most surprising Crew-related event on my trip across the pond! However, I quickly learned that wearing soccer gear in pubs was mostly banned across the country; it leads to too many fights. Think of wearing Michigan gear in Columbus... times about 50.

Go Crew,
Nate Beckman

Also the Crew & Schelotto were spotted in San Francisco by Crew fan Carlton Willey out there on a billboard:

Hey Ryan,

This is CJ, the Crew fan in China. So I'm in California now visiting relatives before I go back to Beijing. I was driving into SF yesterday and on the way into the city there is a huge billboard by the freeway advertising the "Night of Champions" on Aug 8, when San Jose plays the Crew and then Chivas plays Barca. It's GBS next to Messi, some Chivas player, and Huckerby. Nice that other MLS teams are marketing the Crew coming as a big deal. Ok, it's more marketing Barcelona, but still. By the way you think Messi and GBS will hang out together in SF? Last year Tevez showed him the love when he got the Crew players tickets to a Man U game.


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