Thursday, July 23, 2009

7/23/09: Updates on Crew vs. TFC, New Writers, And Tifo Project.

Defender Nana Gyan Attakora will join Adrian Serioux on the injured list for TFC's matchup with Columbus on Saturday. With the two defenders out on Saturday, the bash brothers(Garey and Lenhart) should have a chance to run the Reds ragged. (Pic by Getty Images)

**Papy Kimoto's trial was cut short by the Crew last night. The Crew front office cited that the Crew roster has enough veterans and Kimoto, who was listed at 32 but looked much older, didn't fit the bill.

**It looks probable that here at Crewture, we will have two writers joining us soon with two new segments. The first writer will be Smitty, who used to write on here before with amusing pre game previews and will likely add the popular segment back again. The second will be JB the First from bigsoccer who wants to add postgame reviews with a player ratings system. Basically, the player ratings system would be a "formtracker", we will make a thread on bigsoccer on Monday's and ask everyone to rate the players. Then at the end of Monday, JB will put that all into a "formtracker" and then get a mean rating for each player.

I think that's a sweet idea. So, hopefully we get both segments up and moving this week. I'm excited about both joining up as I want to have different voices and opinions on this website, as I think it gets stale with only my opinions on here. If anyone else wants to join up, you know where to get ahold of me,

Anyways, I'm going to do some tifo now, but I'll add both to the contributor page later tonight. Btw, all writers, please put at the top of your articles "by either your full name or your screename." Sometimes people don't check at the bottom. I want the people who contribute to get recognized for what they do.

**Speaking of TIFO. The people that talked to Blake about helping out on the project need to be down to do some work tonight as we are getting started on the painting tonight. We have a huge banner and a couple new two sticks traced. All we need is help with the painting and hopefully some people who can pitch in a few bills. USA vs. Honduras is on tonight, and we will be working on this during that. If you HAVE to watch the Gold Cup and can come after it, we will probably be still working and will still need the help. The painting will probably take up most of tonight and some of tomorrow and maybe Friday night. If anyone else wants to help, email me your number before 5 and I'll call you up. If you email me afterwards, I'll call you up about helping on Friday.

**Toronto FC played some starters in it's 4-3 penalties loss to River Plate:

Probable TFC starter Gerba, Dwanye De Rosario, Carl Robinson, and other Toronto starters received minutes. Hopefully, that tired out the Reds for Saturday.

Here's Gerba on the game:

Here's Robinson on the game:

And, here's Cummins looking forward to the Columbus game:

**Attakora Gyan, who has been on a great run of form with Toronto FC, has done up his hamstring against River Plate and will miss the match against Columbus. The TFC back line as a result will be undermanned against the Crew, especially if Adrian Serioux and his long throw in's can't go.

**Columbus could use a format similiar to Toronto FC TV. But, here's some video footage from ONN as Duncan Oughton becomes a reporter. all four stanza's of the July 22nd version can be viewed here, unfornately there is no embed either.


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