Thursday, July 23, 2009

7/23/09: Toronto FC Fans Are Done With Columbus. Thank God!

I personally have been to every game in Toronto for the last three years and will be there the next three as long as I have the funds and the three after that and so on. Same with Chicago and D.C. and any other MLS team that pops up within affordable driving distance.

With that in mind I have to have a laugh at pussy TFC fans. Whose only real concern are the cops and how much fun they can have with the night life. Real fans right there through and through.

What happened to support your team no matter what? I guess TFC fans better stop copping "where we go we'll follow."

Unlike TFC's pusstastic support, on road trips, my only concern is getting drunk and supporting my team. If I end up somewhere nice at the end of the night, other than passed out, I take that as a bonus. Unfornately for TFC's realness, unless their fans have two coeds draped on their arms at the end of the night a road trip isn't worth it for them. :-) However, if you're not a total nerd that shouldn't be too hard at OSU's bars.

But, that's not all. Further hillarity ensues when you consider that for some reason TFC fans expect Columbus to pull out a red carpet when they come and treat them just so awesome. Well, f**k them. They are not that great and the reason why we haven't lost in forever at home is because we are a real home atmosphere, unlike themselves (It should be enjoyable breaking the MLS undefeated at home streak against these tools). And, TFC fans are so scared of our home atmosphere that it has gotten to the point where they are running away with their tails between their legs. Bravo. Please don't spend another dollar in our city, secretarian scum.
Here's a ditty:

F**k off Toronto FC!
We ain't got no rivalry!
And we don't give a damn!
No one cares if you spend a buck!
You all take it in the butt!
Enjoy from Shoeless Joes!


  1. Reading their bored, its apparently obvious half their supporters aren't really supporters. They think its a social club. Everytime we go to Chicago some assholes try to start shit and the security treats us like shit, that doesn't stop us from going. Stupid TFC jokes they are showing their true lack of passion for the sport and their team... and it only took 2 years hahaha!

  2. (Tune: Lord of the Dance)
    F*ck Off Toronto FC,
    We don't have a Rivalry,
    We hate Chicago and D.C
    The Crew don't lose to TFC!

    They couldn't score in a brothel. Damn Canucks

  3. OK, where'd you find that BMO ad? I've spent the last half hour searching google for it and i've got nothing. I've got a few ideas for it, help a brother out!

  4. Anon on post three, it's right here:

    Nice we have a huge banner and two two sticks we are doing up ourselves tonight. If you want to join up, email me, and I'll let you know where it's at.

    HSH-B: Yeah we are treated by far worse at Chicago. Where there is a double standard as Chicago fans can light flares but if we even light a smoke ball we'll be arrested. And, with our fans getting attacked by five guys in a bathroom. And, heck even in Toronto when they lined up a melee we had to go through towards our bus with half of our group being families that time. That would of been enough for a lot of supporters to call it quits including it appears TFC. But, it doesn't bother me one bit.

  5. TFC Fans are so embarrassed that they have locked or moved the thread. Hillarous. Lets talk about it in secret because we can't handle Crew fans laughing at us. Pussies.

  6. That's a lot of words (and research) for a team you have no rivalry with.

    P.S. I suggest you look up the word 'sectarian' in the dictionary before using it again.

  7. that girl, she is very cute, but she looks fairweather fan in that picture.

    actually, i just looked again and shes not bad looking, but i think her jeans are really cute.

    i cant wait to post a comment about how much i hate moreno after garey nets a hat trick on saturday

  8. I'd bet $100 that the girl in the ad does not even know what TFC is. That aside, what a bunch of pussies. The police and after the game are not on my mind when I travel for the crew. Both eventually play their part in every trip, but I wouldn't let either stop me from supporting my team.