Tuesday, July 21, 2009

7/21/09: Bash Brothers At It Again

According to Mitchell, Steven Lenhart and Jason Garey are looking probable to get the call again this week. As a result, Toronto FC should just figure not even to show up this week. I'm just saying. Unless Frei wants a bloody nose from Lenhart's flailing elbows and Tyrone Marshall wants to ride on the back of Jason Garey as he strolls by him in the penalty area this week.

God, it's going to be ugly for Toronto FC. Who can stop the young duo that combined for 3 goals last week against RSL? Amado Guevara. Yeah right? Doesn't stand a chance against this Johann Cruyff inspired total football:

With world reknown magician on the wing Duncan Oughton initiating the attacks, cheeky Lenhart back flicks, my god it could be 5-0 at halftime.

No doubt about it, these guys had some fun last week. Check out Lenhart talking about the game, man. "The ball just came to me and yeah man, I just kicked it in. Bash brothers man."

Deep poetry from fashion king Lenhart.

"We're deep. So deep. We roll deep man."

Here's the lineup Crew fans are looking for this week (maybe even give Burns the start on the left there over Ekpo):

Anyways, some players in MLS could learn a little bit from Lenhart. It's alright to have a personality and to crack a smile once in a while on the field. You could tell they were having fun out there and that transcended the field into the Nordecke a bit. Usually we all are biting our nails over there, but we were all having a hell of a time last Saturday. And, I think that lifted our atmosphere a bit as well.


  1. i told you guys early on in the season but all you guys said was "wtf dont say shit about moreno!!".

    lenhart and garey are the truth. they are way more hungry then moreno

  2. They are the truth. Bash Brothers for the win!!!

  3. and that back heel was sick

  4. Trust in the Bash Bros! Hopefully being assited from the mid by the wise eyes of Uncle Dunc

  5. God help us if Ekpo starts.

  6. These guys are good together, but they are not nearly as good when Schelotto is playing. Moreno is the guy to play with when Schelotto is in, at least until Garey takes that spot from him. Lenhart, when Guille is in, is only useful for about 10 minutes, namely the last 10 minutes. When Schelotto does retire, these two guys will be the way to go, but when Guille is in, it's Moreno for now.

  7. @10:26

    what you fail to realize is that there is nothing remarkable about moreno at all. his goals are cleverly disguised as 99% gbs work.

    the key to the gbs + moreno equation is all gbs.