Thursday, July 2, 2009

7/2/09: What About Giving This Guy A Trial?

Richard Jata, selected with the #58th pick by Chicago on draft day.

I liked his draft day speech when he was selected nearly last by the Fire on draft day (Starts at 4:39). Shows he has a lot of heart and would be a great guy in the locker room:

I like his skills in this video, scored 18 goals here and has some definite game. Here is some more in depth info on Jata:

I also like his shoes.

And, apparently, he is in Chicago just looking for an opportunity with some team and isn't giving up. Jata was cut after three months but it's pretty hard to displace a forward line of Blanco and McBride or a deep midfield line:

Anyways, overall, you have to like someone with some heart, a dream, and some determination. We are still looking for help at forward(Jata could probably be converted into that role from his usual position of central midfield, as forwards who have the most skill are sometimes pushed back to central midfield in high school or college) and anyways we could use some more depth at central midfield especially(also Jata would probably be a step up from Elenio, Grendi, and Nyzamba). Jata also scored against some pretty good teams in college like UNC. And, you can't just take the Fire's opinion to mean anything, since they are, well, the Fire. Also, it would be nice to get one back at the Fire, especially with them having McBride and Busch, and have this kid end of being an all star someday with the Crew.

That would be some poetic justice.

Definitely probably worth a trial. At least more than that Welsh guy we had trialing a couple of weeks ago. What could it hurt to at least see what the kid has?


  1. Zach Closson-

    I watched that rookie life show and i automatically thought CREW! Hes a hard worker! why not?

  2. Exactly, can't go wrong with a kid like that.

  3. Email the team saying we want a trial for the kid.

  4. Why doesn't this guy just go to USL already? He is sitting around waiting for another shot at MLS, which, even if he go he probably would get little playing time. If he waits around for the next year playing in some POS men's league then he has nobody to blame if his career is finished. Go to Portland, or Charlotte, or even Cleveland.

    Or spend your time trying to kick balls into a basketball hoop and making amateur videos about your "sob story."

  5. Wow, great article. Everything you mentioned is on point. Jata is a true player with lots of skill. He even said it himself, "with the right coach, I could be great!" He's a class act and very humble for what he's been through. That's a true fighter.

    @ Comment 4 - The kid's not crying to anybody. The MLS asked him to be in their Rookie Life videos and even gave him a video camera. He didn't have to do it, but he chose to stick with it because he loves the sport. Don't be a hater man. He's helping the sport! Jata gave the MLS good press and people followed his story closely. What he is going through is what every player who gets cut goes through, he's just letting the whole world watch it from his perspective. Most kids give up when they get cut, but Jata is fighting hard everyday to be a pro because he knows that's what he's supposed to do. Plus Jata didn't ask for this to happen to him, he made it happen. He went to the draft, He made one of the most memorable speeches in all of draft history, and the MLS chose to use him. Obviously it's working out for them! The Rookie Life videos are a huge hit!

    I'm telling you, it may not seem like it, but there are a few smart coaches in the MLS who know what this kids' capable of doing. I think they're just waitin for his rights to expire with Chicago, so that they can get a look at him for free. He's got too much talent to go to waste.

    The kid was a star at IMG in Bradenton when he was 16 and he played two seasons with the Carolina Dynamo under head coach Joe Brown during college. The other starting center mid on that team was Sam Cronin. I don't think it's just a coencidence that they played together.

  6. @ Comment 5 (AKA Jata's boyfriend) - How about you not waste three paragraphs talking about how great Jata is for giving a memorable speech and being a huge internet hit (yippee!) and address WHY THE F HE ISN'T PLAYING IN USL AND GETTING COMPETITIVE GAMES.

    Like I said, if this kid's career is over in a year he can blame himself for not keeping it going by pursuing all options. There is more than one way to first division soccer and let's just say that playing in USL is a more proven path than making internet videos and interning in a club's marketing division.