Thursday, July 2, 2009

7/2/09: Schelotto Wanted By Argentinian Team. Hopefully, The Crew Have The Sense To Sign Him Up For Next Year.

Schelotto's hot streak is attracting more interest in Argentina; hopefully the Crew have the sense to see that Schelotto's form, if anything, is improving and douse any Argentinian media speculation by signing Guille up for 2010 right away. (Picture by Sam Fahmi)

From The Washington Post's Soccer Insider Steven Goff:
Columbus star Guillermo Barros Schelotto, the reigning MLS most valuable player and among the top midseason favorites for the award this year, is again attracting interest from his native Argentina. One club has stepped forward, though its identity was not immediately made available. Schelotto has told colleagues that he would prefer to return to the Crew next year, if Columbus wants him.

Schelotto is set to earn $775,000 this season after taking home $375,000 in 2008 and $150,000 in '07.

How good is this guy? In 64 league appearances, he has 22 goals and 33 assists. He leads the league in goals this year with 10. Not bad for a 36-year-old.....

My thoughts are: Schelotto has told Columbus for the last year, even before they won the MLS Cup that if the Crew wanted him for 2010 as well, that they could sign him right up.

The Crew signed Schelotto up for 2009 because based on his performances in 2008, Columbus couldn't afford not to. The Crew tabled 2010 discussions to make sure Schelotto still had more in the tank, and with half the current season gone Schelotto appears to have enough to fill multiple tanks. As the move to double Schelotto's salary and make him the Crew's designated player in 2009 has paid dividends. And, "Guillermo" chants from the Nordecke have been rampant, as Schelotto appears to be even better than his remarkable 2008 season; switching from assisting on goals to scoring the goals, Schelotto at 36 leads MLS with 10 goals on the year.

With the 10 goals on the 2009 campaign, I see Schelotto as a magician chameleon-like player who changes his form depending on what his club needs. Last year, the club needed pinpoint crosses. This year, Schelotto has continued his solid set piece taking. However, since Schelotto's teammates haven't been finishing with as much consistency, Schelotto has taken a more active role in front of net.

And, where would the Crew be without Schelotto's 10 goals (ammounting towards half of the Crew's goals on the current season)? Probably in the cellar with the New York Red Bulls instead of battling for first place. As a result of this fine chameleon-like form, Schelotto has now once again attracted the interest of Argentine squads.

I say the Crew should take Schelotto off the market right now for 2010 and give Boca or whoever else is in the bidding for Guille nothing to discuss. If anything Schelotto has been even better then he was in 2008. The Crew are better off taking their chances with Schelotto in 2010, a player that even at his age seems to get better with time, like a 67' Thunderbird. Then to spend his salary on a younger player who could come in and succeed or fail.

Schelotto is the lifeblood of this team. And, 2010 is too early to part ways with such a magnificient iconic player like him. If I could speak for the Nordecke as well, I don't think the section or any Crew fans are ready for that final tear filled lap at the end of this season.

Give us Schelotto in 2010. One more year of magic, please.

**Update on finding a warm body for Noonan's salary: Also, from what I have heard I wouldn't expect much to come out of Bliss's Ghana trip. Bliss saw some good players, but they all would have been too much of a project and would be a development, bring them along, type scenario like Ekpo. The Crew, I would conjecture, don't want to spend the time to develop another Ekpo(a player that still has a bit of a problem with consistency). Instead, the Crew would likely rather spend the money on an attacker that would be a more consistent and sure thing.

That seems to sort of point more in the direction of Stern John, (well, if you went by his form a decade ago with the Crew instead of his recent form in England). And, the Crew it seems might of had more contact with Stern during his visit to Columbus a couple weeks back then Stern just asking locals about how it's like to play for Warzycha, but nothing face to face or serious. Just an initial testing the waters type thing. But, the silence on the transfer front for Stern John in England or anywhere since he was dropped by Bristol City months ago, would seem to suggest their isn't much interest on the English side of things for John to fulfill his wishes of playing one more year for a English side.

And, the recent look over by the Crew of Carlos Villa, a U-23 Guatemalan, and a Welsh player two weeks back sort of suggests that maybe John is still on a different way length. But, may come out of the clouds once he realizes that he isn't garnering much interest from the British isles.

Anyways, I'm thinking either the John thing is dead in the water or John will get his salary out of the clouds and give it a go for Noonan's salary. But, I think for John it either has to be now or never. I also think that the Crew have really no other transfer options at the moment, and might have to deal with the ridiculous notion of getting rid of a good bench option and getting nothing in return for this season. With the Champions League and a death struggle in the East around the corner, that wouldn't be a favorable alternative for the Crew.

But, overall the **crickets** on the replacing Noonan front from Mitchell and other sources seem to suggest that with half of the transfer negotiation window down, that the Crew haven't made much progres on filling that salary with a warm and dangerous attacking body.


  1. Speaking of unspent funds, what the hell did the Crew do with that money they got from the state to resurface the Crew Stadium parking lot? Did they invest it in Bernie Madoff?

  2. Sign him, keep him, make him a coach.

  3. I would hold off on the criticism of not having any optionns tp replace Noonan just yet.