Thursday, July 2, 2009

7/2/09: I'm Jealous

Of The Timbers Army:

We need to start doing some sh*t like this. We are big enough. We are just, at the moment, too disorganized to even get some new chants down. Some are against the idea of megaphones and leaders because they think it stifles their own individual freedom and creativity. So, because no one wants to follow, we chant the same things weekly and look like we have no creativity.

Even Seattle's fans use megaphones and they probably already have more chants down then us in their first year of existence in MLS. I heard them singing "Horto (So who are we, we are the boys)" even last week on MLSnet. We can barely get that out without being met with a bunch of blank stares.

Myself and others also worked hard on banners like this at the beginning of the year with the two sticks and the large forza banner. But, I seem to find myself and a few others dropping $100 dollars each time(I'm too broke right now to do it or I would) and having some help from a couple of others with $10's or $20's. In Europe and even around MLS, you get 50 to 100 guys to pitch in $5 bucks and a little time. And, you have a bunch of nice two sticks, crowd banners, railing banners done in a day. And, no one is hurt in the wallet because it's just $5 bucks. Instead, of just 4 or 5 people working extreme overtime to get one banner done.

Also, maybe we could get a supporters fund together for some of this stuff or something? Do none of the groups make any money? Need to do something.

Because without Thoma's banners right now, we would just about have nothing in the section. And, he told me he might have to move in a few years.

Anyways, the point is Nordecke, we need to get back on track with this stuff. We have been increasingly dull lately. Everyone needs to start pitching in and stepping up.

I'm thinking about maybe bringing my forza one, my hejduk one, and making a DC related one on Friday night. Maybe Thoma will bring some of his, and then unfolding them all at once and dropping some smoke bombs around them. Got to do something, we have been a tad bit weak lately.


  1. We have been rather weak and the opposite of inventive. I really want to get Horto up and going against DC cuz it is kick ass. Me and my boys were about row 10 of 141 and we were screaming it out when we heard you guys trying to start it against NY. If this means printing off song sheets with numbers at the top of each new chant and holding up signs with the #'s then that's what I'm fucking doing. We have a great opportunity to be more of an asset to the team than we were last year, but we've only scratched the surface this season. Honestly I don't know if we've even scratched it yet. The team's finally back to good health in time to take 1st place, which we should already be running away with again, and we have to match their energy and give them more back.

    Email me ( if any of ya have a need for a few guys to help out/donate/organize shit any game for the rest of season. I'll do what I can

  2. can anybody bring in smoke bombs ?

  3. I was in 141 row 12. I didn't hear Horto at all. I'm all about it. It seems I read good ideas here, then at the games, it doesn't happen for some reason. But I'm with High tide. My email is I'll help with whatever I can.

  4. Thanks guys. I'll get at u. Even if I can get you around us when were chanting, it would be a big help to have some bodies around who can chant it.

    Also, it is quite easy to bring smokebombs. just put them deep in ure pocket or around ure back. Buy them at a fireworks sale or something.

  5. Cool. Sounds good. I'll make sure we get down a little lower this time. Might have a newbie or two with us though. They will be well rehearsed beforehand ;) If I can get some sheets made up, do we want just the two new ones we're trying to jumpstart, or the whole collection?

    I'll ask this over in your bigsoccer thread as well

  6. Crewfighter, where do you sit for the game? I'd love to be close to help with the newer chants.