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7/20/09: Battling It Out With Ray Stein Is Getting A Bit Old.

= So who cares?
Ray Stein equals a more rotund Jim Rome

Over the last few weeks, Editor of the Columbus Dispatch Ray Stein has entertained and backed (with his quirky or rather goofy one liner comments) editorials written by moronic non-Crew fans about the Nordecke's rather tame behavior. These non-Crew fans included a Chivas fan and some guy who claims to be a fan but wasn't aware that "Sucks" was chanted after each opposing players names, inside and outside supporters group areas, since 1999. Both of these editorials complained and moaned for some reason about soccer fan behavior(much better than what you see in the NFL or over at OSU football games) and the word "sucks"? Apparently these people can't find any other thing more important in life to complain about other than the word "sucks" at Crew Stadium.

Seriously, nothing better to do with your time?

However, it appears some Crew fans have the time to worry about Ray Stein's editoral too (for whatever reason) and feel rebuttle's are necessary to win over a public transfixed with Ray Stein's editorial section, all 7 of them. In the first letter below Patrick Murphy pretty much says, "hey can we catch a break. Most MLS fans are a lot worse than us when it comes to behavior as at there places dropping f bomb chants isn't even an issue and other behavior is much worse. Also, compared to a Blue Jackets, Browns, or OSU game the Nordecke is a stroll down non-offensive lane." But, because Mr. Stein is your typical Columbus-site who just loves Ohio State Football (that's about all he ever covers) is it really a surprise that he is using his editorial section as a one line digging command post against Crew fans?

I would say no, it's not a surprise as people like Ray Stein just see Crew fans as a threat because most of us couldn't give a damn about Buckeye football and our section can match and in my opinion beat the atmosphere at most OSU games. This probably enrages Stein as he is a Buckeyes super fan boy.

Anyways, Stein just wants attention and by paying attention to him you're giving him what he wants, an ongoing discussion about trivial b.s. in his editorial page about Crew fans. As a result of feeding this ongoing discussion, Stein gets to be all quirky with his responses instead of saying something half-educated or thought provoking in response. Just look at the response to the second article excerpted below as an example.

Stein may make a decent soccer critic, but a comedian, not really.

Crew fans pass the class test -- at least on the soccer curve (and the baseball, football, and basketball curve, but hey who the hell is keeping count when your spending all day working on your quirky responses instead of actually reading the letters sent to you in the first place)
Sunday, July 19, 2009 3:52 AM

Extra 'Mailbox' letters
These letters didn't make it to print, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't read them.
Editor: As a Crew fan and a member of the Nordecke, I was ashamed that you published something (last Sunday) that called the Crew fans (and essentially Ohio State football fans) embarrassing. Eric Bowen called Crew fans "classless" because of "You suck," and presumably a few other chants, that he and his family heard at a game.

That chant is not unique to Crew Stadium; it was repeated last week by Chicago Fire fans against the Crew. These same Chicago fans started fights and locked a Crew fan in the bathroom -- not the first time that has happened. Toronto fans came to Columbus and ripped out and damaged part of the south end stands. And you published something about Crew fans being classless?

The chants at Crew Stadium are cleaner than most chants you hear around the league and do not touch on the atmosphere created at European soccer events. I'm sorry his parents did not like the language and are not coming back, but to say Crew fans should be embarrassed for this shows his ignorance to the rest of the league and the sport.

-- Patrick Murphy

via e-mail

Patrick: For better or worse, the word "suck" is so part of the vernacular these days that I can't imagine it's the deal-breaker on the offensive line. Now, about the Crew fan getting locked in a restroom -- do tell me more.

Ray Stein: On July 4, the announced attendance at Crew Stadium was 14,370. Of that amount, a conservative estimate of 50 percent love the chants of "sucks" and YSA. Forty percent are ambivalent, 9.99993041058 percent probably don't like it and .0000958942 percent wrote you a letter about it.

I know your Mailbox is a "commentary" and does not have to be based on actual facts, but could you at least try to put things in perspective? Can you honestly say that you have been to an OSU football, Browns or Blue Jackets game -- with the whack jobs swearing and pounding on the glass -- and you have never heard foul language? Has the person who wrote the letter ever been to a sporting event before?

P.S.: You can pass along to your publisher and marketing department that I did not read this from your overpriced rag!

-- Michael E. Madsen

via e-mail

Michael: Fair enough -- foul language and big-time sports are longtime playing partners. P.S.: I may pass on to the authorities that you could be someone who illegally downloads music from the Internet, Mr. Computer-Savvy.


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