Sunday, July 19, 2009

7/19/09: Garey, Lenhart, Oughton, & Crew Terrorize RSL On The Way To A 3-1 Win

Shake and bake, Garey and Lenhart, stick it to RSL in a 3-1 victory.

Attacking players? Who needs attacking players? Obviously not the Crew who now appear set with Steven Lenhart and Jason Garey as both were simply electric last night in a 3-1 win over Real Salt Lake. Lenhart had his cheeky assist, got his head on every ball, and muscled defenders. Lenhart was also involved on all three goals(1 goal, 2 totally brillant assists). Garey was in the right places at the right times, finished calmly, and was inches from a hat trick with two goals on the night.

So, why did the Crew struggle at scoring before? Why the offensive drought? Because our midfield isn't scoring, we didn't play two forwards, and we are not playing Lenhart and Garey enough. I mean sure we all have had our doubts about either being the man long term, but after last night's performance can you really doubt these players anymore? They stepped up when called upon and had one of the best games of the year for the Crew, totally out gunning Real Salt Lake with six starters missing. They were the perfect classic striker combo last night; Lenhart tall and can win balls, Garey smaller and shiftier with the peeling runs. Here's your proof of a perfect tandem.

Also from the lips of Garey:
"We did a good job of running off each other and being dangerous," Garey said. "With me and Steve being in the box we caused them problems. They were scrappy goals. If we don't have two forwards in the box we probably don't score."

So, time to turn a new leaf and maybe say good night to Sigi's formation. I would just go with this at full strength. Our defense has proved to be solid, why not add another forward as scoring has been our problem. Why not reward Garey and Lenhart for their partnership last night and let it grow? As both have arguably done more last night than Moreno, as much as it pains me to say, has done in weeks. Also, why invest in another attacker who will have no more luck in scoring then our current forwards if that new attacker is on an island alone up top like Moreno usually is:


I know the Crew have always been scared of going three in the back or having just one defensive midfielder behind Schelotto. But, the above gives you a solid back three and then places O'Rourke up a little higher with Carroll behind Schelotto.

Also, if DC United can play three in the back, why couldn't we? Our struggles against DC United two weeks ago were probably because we just couldn't handle their formation.

Another thing, make sure Duncan Oughton plays right mid until Rogers comes back at least and make sure Oughton is one of the first guys off of the bench from now on (his performance last night puts him above Ekpo's erraticness in my book). Duncan Oughton had an amazing performance filling in at right mid, playing the role of Schelotto on the Lenhart backheel to Garey finish. This guy deserves more. Oughton doesn't complain about a lack of playing time and he just works and works and works, and finally a coach decides to give him a start for the first time in a while, and he just takes over. Bravo!

Overall, so many players stepped it up last night and it made myself(and other Crew fans) happier than ever, that was a treat. As even home games are usually bite your nail 1-0 or 2-1 or 1-1 affairs. When we went up 2-0 30 minutes in, I was actually dancing and making up songs about being up 2-0 this early "were up 2-0 and I'm so excited! were up 2-0 and I'm so excited! were up 2-0 and I'm so excited!"

Just a great night all around with everyone just estatic after the game thanks to a brillant performance by the Crew.

Hesmer - 8.5 Some great early saves.
Hejduk - 8.5 Same old Frankie, always competing.
Iro- 9 I'm giving Iro the 9 because he has improved each and every game since his injury return. One of the players who stepped it up for this game.
Brunner- 8.5 Another solid performance.
Padula- 8.5 Gee-no! Gee-no! Gee-no!
O'Rourke- 10 All over the place, one of the men of the match.
Carroll- 8.5 Carroll owned the defensive midfield with O'Rourke.
Gaven- 8.5 Surprisingly the most established attacker left in the Crew attack didn't have tons of chances, but he did well on the left side where he hasn't played in a while.
Oughton- 10 Never complains about his lack of PT, Crew legend playing like a Crew legend. Move him back up the depth chart.
Garey- 10 Garey made some excellent peeling runs and was awarded with two goals. Him and Lenhart are turning into a dynamic duo.
Lenhart- 10 What can you say, the cabbage patch bruiser went full tilt and had a part in all three goals.

Warzycha- 10 Bob showed us all tonight that he is a very good coach and is starting to figure out the head honcho role. Not many Crew fans expected a 4-4-2, Oughton on the right, and Lenhart and Garey up top together with Schelotto out. Obviously, RSL and Kreis didn't expect any of it either.

The result, we are all shocked with happiness and RSL was defeated comfortably.


  1. So...

    When I suggested Lenhart start a while back I was told I was on crack and belonged in an asylum.

    Glad you are coming around.

  2. Lenhart starting in our old formation up top alone is a crack induced idea. Him starting up top with Garey is apparently pure genius. I feel bad just abandoning Moreno after all the hard work he has done for us. Perhaps try mixing and matching the three of them depending on the situation.

    O'rourke plays like a new man when placed in his original position of D-mid, I'm more than fine with him staying there.

    St. Duncan is the god damn man. I was so pleased to see him play the way he did last night. I totally agree that he has proven he deserves to jump ahead of Ekpo in the pecking order.