Thursday, July 16, 2009

7/16/09: What's Wrong With This Picture?

Let's go through MLS teams hot new targets.

Galaxy's new signings:
Alecko Eskadarian
Chris Birchall

With their top earners being David Beckham(millions) and Landon Donovan($900,000). With a lineup of veterans already in their team like Berhalter, Lewis, Miglioranzi, Ricketts, etc. What are these guys making? Are they all taking a salary cut and making $50,000 to $100,000. Somehow I doubt it.

Toronto's new acquisitions:
Julian De Guzman
Ali Gerba

Both talents if you saw them play for Canada against El Salvador at Crew Stadium, Guzman was easily the best player on the field. Toronto's top earners are Dwayne De Rosario($750,000) along with dozens of guys like Carl Robinson and Chad Barrett who make nearly $200,000 a piece.

And, everyday you look on transfer websites (DC United with loads of talent somehow fit Danny Szetela into their salary cap), while just about every other team out there is signing a new talent except for us and somehow surprisingly fitting them underneath the MLS salary cap.

While everyone else is acquiring solid starters or solid depth.

Columbus's top targets apparently are:
Papy Kimoto
Assan Jatta

Who the hell are these guys? Well, Assan Jatta was turned down by the mighty FC Dallas and Papy Kimoto plays in Second Division Cyprus. Yes, Second Division Cyprus. Now, I don't expect world beaters, but when you get rid of a former national team player in Pat Noonan, I at least expect someone of similar quality. Not a second division 32 year old Cyprus player, I mean geez, it would be a stretch even if he played in second division Greece.

I just don't get it? How are teams like LA and Toronto FC basically fitting just about anyone under the salary cap with similar restrictions and similar talented players already on their roster. It's beyond me. While the Crew are looking for players in the Gambian and Cypriot leagues.

Something isn't right here. The Crew have $250,000 dollars and the best players they can entice at that salary for half a year are players like Papy Kimoto and Assan Jatta. No disrespect to them, but the Crew are the reigning MLS Champions. And, while other teams are reinforcing full tilt, the Crew are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Surely, we can find a couple more Gino Padula type signings at midfield or striker with our two open slots. If not, lets just hope these players are taking up Nyazamba's salary instead of Noonan's.

If not, I just don't understand.


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