Thursday, July 16, 2009

7/16/09: Guillermo Barros Schelotto Robbed, Oh Well "No Problem."

Probably gave Landon Donovan the award for showing up, you think Schelotto went to some measly award show. Hell no. (Pics by Reuters and Jeff Gross/Getty respectively)

Guillermo Barros Schelotto didn't win the award for best MLS player last night during the ESPY's. That honor went to Landon "Scrots McGoats" Donovan. Somehow I don't think this will effect Guillermo one bit. Guillermo probably had no idea he was even up for the award, as GBS in his downtime was in all probability fighting crime with Jack Bauer. GBS has no time for petty awards, just filling up trophy cases.

Anyways, what's the point of an ESPY for MLS player of the year? I figured the MLS MVP award took care of all of that. So, Guillermo won the award for his on the field work thanks to the votes and respect of MLS coaches, his fellow MLS players, and the MLS writers. While, Landon Donovan is the best player in MLS via the uninformed eyes of the sensationalist media that employs Jim Rome and Skip Bayless. Shocker.

Don't get me wrong Landon Donovan is a great player and he is starting to show more maturity and leadership with the national team. But, there is only one reason why Landon won, and that's because Guillermo does his talking exclusively on the field, and Landon does his talking on and off it.

As a result, Columbus has a quiet stoic leader in our attack who has 10 goals this year and who, with the help of other leaders like Hejduk, has put together a work for each other, happy locker room. While the LA Galaxy have decided to air their laundry for the world to see and looks ready to go down in burning flames. Yeah, yeah Beckham and Donovan have said that "everything is behind them" and that they are turning a new leaf in their bromance. However, one has to think when you need to trust guys the most in the playoff run, that there will be no trust in LA's locker room.

But, hey, it's all good as long as Matt Lauer is talking about the LA Galaxy's locker room stituation:

As well as ESPN:

And, ESPN some more.
And ESPN some more aagain here.

Hmm, starting to see a correlation here as Donovan definitely gets the award for more material for ESPN to use, as ESPN has no time for captivating play when it comes to soccer. So, no wonder he won.

And, hell, type in David Beckham or Landon Donovan and you can see LA mania is in full effect. And, it's mostly in effect because Landon Donovan has stirred the pot as Captain. There would be much less interest in Beckham's return without Grant Wahl's book. So, way to go Lando, leaders shouldn't make distractions for their team. On the other hand, Guillermo Barros Schelotto does all his talking on the field. And, rarely is the over jubilant type. Which I love because when Guillermo does get amped you know something magical just happened.

The point is two leaders. One wins trophies, the other one is too busy filling books. One(Schelotto) leads solely by his actions and carries himself as a leader. The other plays childish games (as no matter if you think Beckham is a bad Captain, you don't air it out in a book). And, that's why the ESPY's got this one dead wrong. But, who is surprised? Guillermo was the obvious choice and what fun is the obvious choice. Landon capitivates with off the field bollocks, and ESPN always likes someone who yaps their mouth.

But, if anyone asked Schelotto, he would just say "no problem." The guy is only focused on winning and the allocades he can control, which is on the pitch.

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