Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7/15/09: Crew and MLS Make Rehab Plans For Nyazamba, Crew Make Plans To Replace Him

Nyazamba's bad boy streak has ruined his Crew dreams.

The unheralded Stanley Nyazamba saga has apparently come to an end. Probably one of the only Crew signings, to be signed, and never to play a game. The only other one that comes to mind in recent years is Luis Gallardo. And, it seems as if during Nyazamba's time at the Crew, Nyazamba, after the first few months, never believed himself good enough to challenge on the field and after a while with no hope of being a starter, he took an interest in a more destructive rather than constructive path to change his stituation.

I understand this a little, in lesser extremes. Something sort of similiar happened to myself when I played college soccer my first year, I knew after a couple of weeks I wasn't going to start as a freshman(although most players don't, I was frustrated with this), so girls and the frat life(as lame as that is) occupied most of my thoughts. Then, with all of that you become less in shape, and then the coach starts to forget about you as the season wears on. You go from thinking you can be some awesome player(and you really wanted it going in) to thinking you didn't want it as much as others in the end because you gave up. You also, during this process, concede to the fact that other players or students are better instead of proving them wrong. The same thing goes with law school recently as I realized that everyone was 120% percent into law when I was only about 50%.

I would bet that after the first few months, Nyazamba was only 50% percent into the Crew.

Which is sad because he had to have loads of talent to be noticed and signed by the MLS Champions. Nyazamba must have been doing very well in USL-2 and he must of had all the confidence in the world coming to the Crew. He must of thought that he could make a difference or he wouldn't of came in the first place. But, because he didn't get any opportunities because there were so many solid players in front of him and didn't have any reserve games to occupy his time and to increase his fitness, he had to begin to look towards other things to occupy his time and to keep himself from becoming too depressed with the stituation.

Because of all of this, I think it's a good thing that MLS and the Crew have to shoulder some responsibility because hell if I was a reserve player in MLS without a reserve league I would probably have a drinking problem as well.

I have heard that Andy Iro is even possibly looking at other career options because behind Marshall, O'Rourke, and Brunner even a player with solid prospects can't get a game in Columbus. I think maybe the Crew has played him more recently to try to change his mind and Iro played well on Saturday.

Anyways, here is apparently the end to the Nyazamba-Crew story today from Shawn Mitchell:
The Crew was advised today that Stanley Nyazamba can be replaced on the roster. The club "is in the process of looking for a replacement and is proceeding as if a roster spot is available," according to a league official.

The details of how, when and if the Crew and MLS will officially cut ties with Nyazamba are not known. Seems MLS is playing this one close to the vest after Nyazamba's latest alcohol-related arrest, although it is believed the midfielder has or will enter a substance abuse program.

If I can relate my less important soccer career to Nyazamba's, I think he will pick himself back up. I played for a second college in Pennsylvania and for a college in England. Nyazamba needs to get himself in order, get himself back in USL-1 or USL-2, and rediscover his dream. Good luck to him.


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