Saturday, July 11, 2009

7/11/09: Update- Chicago Defense Should Be Ripe For Picking

Injured caveman Wilman Conde says to the world to "let me be myself."

Chicago starter at defensive mid Logan Pause and Chicago starter in the back four Gonzalo Segares were already out with Gold Cup duty. Apparently, defenders Brandon Prideaux and William Conde will join them on the bench with a pair of hamstring injuries. With these four defensive starters out for the Fire, their defense should be pretty easy to crack by the Crew.

It's a lot easier to compensate with Marshall out by replacing him with one quality player in Brunner. We can also get by with replacing Rogers with Ekpo. But, I doubt Chicago can get by with four defensive starters out of the lineup. If Chicago does shut down the Crew, the Crew offense has some real questions that need asking.

Btw, I do find it amusing that Chicago fans still expect a 3-1 win. If you would tell me that Hejduk, Marshall, Padula, and Carroll were out; I would flatout say "f it, we're going to lose."


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