Wednesday, July 1, 2009

7/1/09: NCR- The Beckham Failure. Is It All A Ploy For A Good Ending?

A perfectly timed book to renew interest in a story that even MLS fans have grown tiresome of.

Grant Wahl interestingly is about to come out with a new book on the now apparently doomed for failure Beckham experiment, before the experiment has ended. Here's an excerpt from the book, The Beckham Experiment, that comes out July 14, two days before Beckham is set to rejoin his LA Galaxy mates who have bad talked him in Wahl's book.

Beckham will play on July 16th in New York with Donovan and company as LA tries to recapture another floundering season. A season that seems a wee bit more hopeful after LA knocked off league leading Houston on Sunday.

My thoughts after reading the excerpt were,

Well, that was juicy.

And, after that I thought,

1. Man, Gullit was just a downright horrible coach. No wonder they were so bad.
2. This whole article makes me so glad we got a man like Guillermo instead of Beckham as our DP.
3. I'll probably have to read this as I'm lately on a soccer reading binge.
4. And, kind of wild how Beckham and Donovan still have to somehow be teammates for half a season with all their dirty laundry now out there, lol. Ex.) Beckham who has about a 100 times the salary of LA's second highest player, Donovan, is a cheap stake and won't pick up a check at a Morton's Steakhouse for a teammate earning $12,900 dollars.

As I thought more about it today though. I started to think, you know, maybe this is all just a ploy, 19 Entertainment loves a good story. This all sounds juicy. But, maybe this was the whole point. For Beckham's experiment to be a disaster on the field in the beginning, like his red card against Argentina and other disasters in his career, and then he miracoulously turns it around and becomes the hero again for England, Real Madrid, etc. when everyone counted him out.

I'm sure that this is what will probably happen in LA. Somehow LA will bumble it's way to MLS Cup in the second half of this season and Beckham will win it and everything will be happily ever after again. That's how it all works. Sounds like a wonderful ending, bow tied by 19 Entertainment's Simon Cowell.

If anything this book and the whole juicy storyline is probably just an attempt to introduce some drama to MLS. PTI and other programs love talking about stuff like this, and the MLS is far too boring in it's lack of off the field scandals (no steroids, no players running over civilians, or what have you). This gives everyone that doesn't care about MLS and have been over the Beckham thing another reason to watch.

And, if Beckham and Donovan can put their differences past them and make a push in the playoffs after all their troubles, well that makes a much more interesting story line. Much more interesting than if Beckham would have just came over to MLS, dominated, won three MLS Cups and left.

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  1. for some reason, i really hate donovan as a galaxy player but absolutely salute him as a us soccer player