Friday, July 17, 2009

7/17/09: Short Roster, As The Crew Are On The Outside Looking In For Playoffs

Bring on the reserves. Crew vs. RSL will be "Reserve Weekend."

This week the Crew will be without Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Emmanuel Ekpo (yellow-card suspension), Robbie Rogers (U.S. Gold Cup team), Chad Marshall (Gold Cup) and Adam Moffat (hamstring). Also striker Alejandro Moreno is questionable with a groin injury. If Alejandro Moreno is out, this is how our lineup may look..


That's my guess. I would play a whole different style because no Crew player can man Schelotto's position like Schelotto so why even bother, mise well bypass it.

The only starters who will immediately return next week are Alejandro Moreno and Emmanuel Ekpo. Hopefully, Guillermo Barros Schelotto as well, but I wouldn't be surprised if he misses the next week against Toronto FC too.

Robbie Rogers and Chad Marshall won't likely be back until August and Moffat, who knows.

The Crew will likely be undermanned the next two to possibly three weeks. Which is great since we are now out of the playoffs if they would start today..

club gp w l t pts
1.) Houston 17 9 4 4 31
2.) Seattle 17 7 3 7 28
3.) Los Angeles 18 6 3 9 27
4.) Chivas USA 16 8 5 3 27
5.) Chicago 16 6 3 7 25
6.) Toronto FC 17 7 6 4 25
7.) D.C. United 17 5 3 9 24
8.) Colorado 16 6 4 6 24
9.) Columbus 17 5 3 9 24

Yes, believe it or not, Columbus is one point out of first place in the East and out of the playoffs. The Crew didn't do themselves any favors by drawing the last two games against rivals. That was the time for the Crew to take the initiative and start building a lead in the East, instead somehow they were happy with their two points, better than losses I guess. But, still the Crew were fielding a better lineup for both of those weeks, now the Crew are totally undermanned against Real Salt Lake and Toronto FC. If you ask me, they didn't put themselves in a good place. Stronger teams(at least depth wise) like DC United, Chicago, and Toronto FC will start moving away the next three weeks. The Crew will be undermanned and will likely be floundering as neither of these games will be a cakewalk. Especially considering the last time we played Real Salt Lake and considering the fact that we could be relying on four or five guys who haven't received a start yet this year.

I don't mean to sound like a broken record but Pat Noonan would be great right now, especially if Schelotto's injury takes a Moffat route. According to Mitchell, Warzycha agrees, "we had Pat Noonan with us in D.C.," Warzycha joked. "I should have taken him with me for just one game." ROFL. Yep, the Crew coaching staff and front office screwed the pooch on that one.

The Crew might have been fine if they had a replacement in waiting, but instead the Crew had no one in their plans and have just stated that they are only looking at the international market. Which if you saw the Ekpo trade could take months to clear immigration and other matters, "awesome." Even when immigration clears, it seems that our big hope is a 32 year old who has a strike rate of 1 goal every 5 games. Fantastic, two Alejandro Moreno's, that will solve all of our problems.

Anyways, some players like Lenhart, Garey, Grendi, etc. really need to step up and put the ball in the freaking net. No, it won't be good enough to come close, it has to go in the net and we need to get some offense from somebody. Our offense has been downright anemic lately and I don't think the international players we are looking at are about to spice it up.

I hope I'm proven wrong, but I'm skeptical looking forward to our next few weeks.

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