Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6/9/09: Crewture Reader Ideas

Lately, I have received quite a bit of emails from Crewture readers on solutions regarding the issues that have been bugging the Nordecke recently. Some are ideas for how to fix things in regards to swearing and some are just new chant ideas. I wanted to share them to show I'm interested in all feedback and appreciate the comments, but also to share some solid ideas from some readers, with all of our readers.

First off, I mentioned before that I think the best way to get the new chants out there is by multiple megaphones (one chant leader from each group). Ben in Akron has another interesting idea to get new chants out there and that's by having the supporters mass produce cd's for a small ammount of money. Not a bad idea since a burned CD costs about $1 a piece. Here's his email:

I'm kind of new to the Nordecke but I'm hooked. I read your crewture site almost daily and I bought tickets for a ton of games sitting in Nordecke. I also became a HSH member.

I feel that a possible solution, maybe a little out of the box but hear this out, is to produce a CD with chants on it. I know it sounds like a lot of work but I could see this happening with some help of the three supporter groups' leaders and using our resources.

Here's how I think this could happen:
Get about 10-20 supporters (probably the leaders of each group)
Talk to Ruby Tuesdays, they have sound equipment and it won't be too much trouble to possibly record the chants. Remember, the quality of recording doesn't have to be the best.
Record all chants and the new ones that you recently posted on crewture. (I'm excited about We'll be comin')
Make enough CDs with lyrics for every supporter member.

Now, here's where I stumble. $$$ It will cost some money for the duplication and lyric sheets. I say keep the FO out of it. If they get there hands in it, then they'll want to say what goes on the CD. So it should be done by us, meaning the supporters. So, how can we fund this? Take up a collection? Sell them to people? Does anyone have access to do this cheap? Have a car wash? hahaha The collection would possibly be the best bet. I am willing contribute a sizeable portion. Or we could just post the recording on your site. That way the cost would be minimal. What percentage of Nordecke "ians" visit your site and would see this and use it as a tool?

Well, It was just I thought I had. It may be a dumb idea or just not do-able.

Hey keep up the good work on crewture. I like the new layout.

See ya at the game,


Solid idea Ben. How hard would it be for all of us to pitch in on some cheap cdr's? Not hard at all.

From Jon:
First off just wanted to say I stop by your website every so often just to see what you guys have going on there. It's good to see Crew fans being proactive.

I am sure being an avid Crew fan yourself you have probably thought up of thousands of chants and ways to alleviate the YSA & GTFO chants (although I must admit I fall into the category of chanting along with them sitting in the Nordecke every game). It would be nice to have more songs in our deck than the usually, say, five chants. So I decided I would give it a shot, but I had no one to pass it along to really get any feedback or revise it... or to tell me it sucks. I thought I would share it with you guys just b/c we are for the same team.

If you are at all interested, shoot some feedback my way.

Below is Man U chant I took and redid. (disclaimer: not a Man U fan). It's a derogatory song about Park, but don't let that clout your vision . Play the song once or twice if you haven't heard it before and see what you think with my own lyrics.

Guillermo, Guillermo,

You are our MVP,

Win us this game for old time sake(Crewfighter edit: how about "Win us this game for our massive cit-y!"), -(still shaky about this line)

Score us 1,

Score us 2,

Send us home VIC-TOR-OUS! (Crewfighter edit: how about "send us home in a elated mood!" lol, would be kind of funny for us to say elated lol) - (or... a VIC-TOR-Y) (yell it, then quickly repeat starting at top)

* It needs some work mainly b/c I completely butchered any rhyme scheme it did have, but I still think it's solid.

Thanks for your time,
- Jonathan

No worries Jon. I really like this chant scheme. A similiar one was in a song that I used for the TFC video last year. My first attempt above probably rhymes better, but the section should keep working on an ever better version. Some version definitely needs done though and that is a good start. Thanks for sharing

Nice chant idea by Matt:

I came up with this and modeled it after Liverpool's Fernando Torres chant.

He downed a brew before the game,
Hejduk! Hejduk!
The Surfer loves those Massive Fans,
Hejduk! Hejduk!
He plays right back for the black and gold,
He's tireless,
He tackles bold.
Frankie Hejduk! The Captain of Our Crew!

Be Massive,
Matt B.

You want an interesting version of Torres, click here. :-)

A little internet networking issue real quick:

Love the site, but the new format has some issues in Firefox. The lower part with the videos and other stories overlaps a bit.

Thanks for keeping this up, it is one of my daily reads.


I have heard this from a couple of people. For all my readers, the website looks the best with the latest version of Internet Explorer, on a computer or laptop that was bought in the last two years. I have noticed back home that my mom's older computer has some problems. I have also heard that others have had the same problem as Stuart on firefox or with smaller resolution computers. I will try to fix things when I can, hopefully soon.

Also, if you the reader have any other solution ideas and it's a good idea, I'll probably share it, so just email me at crewfighter@live.com. Further, I should have some better stories up tomorrow as well and a couple new videos during the weekend. I started a new job which has slowed me up a little over the last few days.

And, finally cheers everyone.


  1. I can't believe that just because capitalist Mark McCullers dictates that chanting "swear words" might damage his business model, you scramble around like a boy scout to change the culture of Nordecke. WTF? Here's an idea: Get up stand up. Stand up for your rights.

    We sick an tired of-a your ism-skism game -
    Dyin n goin to heaven in-a jesus name, lord.
    We know when we understand:
    Almighty God is a living man.
    You can fool some people sometimes,
    But you cant fool all the people all the time.
    So now we see the light (what you gonna do? ),
    We gonna stand up for our rights

  2. Luchador: Have you read the comments of other readers? Why would there be so many people sending in new ideas if people don't want to change the Nordecke? You can say its all because of McCullers, and it may be, but people clearly want it to change (not just McCullers) and so far, some good ideas have come up that deserve a go.

  3. Coming up with new chants and informing supporters about them is not change, it's growth. How is this a bad thing?

  4. Chugged a beer in a fan's truck bed Hejduk, Hejduk
    Columbus Till I Die he said Hejduk, Hejduk
    The Black and Gold's heart and soul
    He'll steal the ball and stop a goal
    Frankie Hejduk
    Columbus Number Two

  5. "Cursing" is part of the game. In England, children are taught from an early age about "football mouth," that what is acceptable to say and chant at a football match is totally different from everyday life. And the foulest of language is routinely incorporated into football chants from Rio to London and all points in between.

  6. I don't know if you noticed, but England and America are a little different when it comes to good ol' futbol

  7. Another theme we could go for would be a pirate tune. It would be a reference to our favorite pirate Gino as well as a crew theme. Here is an example:
    "Shiver My Timbers" lyrical excerpt:
    Shiver My Timbers, shiver My Soul/Yo Ho He Ho/There are men whos hearts as black as coal

    And they sailed there ship across the ocean blue/A Blood thirsty captain and a cut throat crew./Its a darker tale as was ever told/Of a lust for treasure and a love of gold.../

    I think a change from "hearts as black as coal" to "black and gold" could work also. Just an idea, might be stupid idk. Thanks, stay massive!

  8. Nordecke Luchador,
    As much as I would love to work your line and just be like "whatever, I can do what I want." I don't really like GTFO, I think it's stupid, not very creative, and unintelligent. I think there are better and more interesting chants out there, then saying f*ck, f*ck, f*ck all the time. The only reason why it's done, is because some people in the section know no other chants.

    I do think it's deserved at times. And, I think we wouldn't have this problem if swearing chants only happened once every few games or so, when something bad happened. I also wish we had the opportunity to say it when it's deserved, but we shot ourselves in the foot for chanting GTFO randomly against KC, Colorado, San Jose etc. with no away fans. Riddle me the point of that?

    Also, I think you're a little mistaken about England these days. Sure, there is swearing, but not many organized swear chants. I couldn't tell you one time I have heard "shit on those bastards" or "I can't hear a f*cking thing" audible at an EPL or Champions League game.

    And, Mark McCullers doesn't dictate me, I'm just over fighting over a stupid chant (GTFO) anyways. Do you really think it's that good and worth it? That we should chant it 10 times a game for no reason? And, I'm pretty sure the FO is not fond of me and I couldn't care less as I wasn't pleased with them trademarking the section name.

    But, whatever. If you want to be a little kid and whine. Saying "But I want to swear!" and folding your arms. Putting the Nordecke in jeapordy. Then go right ahead. I'm actually trying to improve the section with some good chants for once. Everything mentioned as alternatives sounds way better then GTFO and what we have so far other than "we love you." If we had 10 we love you's we would be rocking.

    Just trying to improve what we already have. I also rather adapt then get in a battle and possibly have them limit supporters section tickets. It's not worth it. I also want to improve the culture, since our chanting repitiore sucks. I think this could be a positive, rather than a negative. Just have to open your mind, instead of being small minded about it.

    But, if you have a problem with it, you can kindly f*ck off elsewhere. I could care less about that as well.

  9. And, I hope we can continue YSA. Hopefully, if GTFO goes away the FO will have no problem with YSA. If they do that is sort of flip floppy, but could probably get more creative with that as well. If need be.

  10. we need a song about duncan

  11. I really like the Frankie Hejduk chant (from the Fernando Torres Song). I'm all for doing this at the NYRB game on the 27th and the rest of the season.

    He downed a brew before the game,
    Hejduk! Hejduk!
    Columbus Till I Die he said Hejduk,
    Hejduk! Hejduk!
    The heart and soul for the black and gold,
    He's tireless,
    He tackles bold.
    Frankie Hejduk, The Captain of Our Crew!

    Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na
    Na Na, Na Na !
    Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na
    Na Na, Na Na !

    Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na
    Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na
    Frankie Hejduk, The Captain of our Crew !
    Here's a better link for the Torres version so you can fit these words in better: