Friday, June 5, 2009

6/5/09: Palermo's Agent Says Crew Have Made Offer To Palermo, But Seems Financially Unlikely.

From Clarin in Argentina's story "Palermo, contract talks heat up: The forward wants to remain and the club intends to retain him. But the negotiation will not be easy."

Martin Palermo jumps. Palermo delivers himself in spite of the cold that proposes the morning at the Yellow House. Palermo obeys the orders of the physical coach, Juan Manuel Alfano. Palermo does everything to the letter, the scorer of professional and excellent conduct. Palermo has desires, in spite of the frustration that signified the elimination of Boca from the Cup Liberators. He is an example for the players and a symbol of the club. Therefore the President Jorge Love Ameal already assured Palermo that by him, he will give a "great effort" to keep Palermo. But the negotiation will not be easy. And the next week, the one that precedes the classic with Racing, will begin the bargaining.

The signs from the Boca leadership are positive for Palermo. Nevertheless, the Titan is not willing to reduce his contract. He wants a million dollars and he will not take the position of Carlos Bianchi, who on Monday decided to diminish Palermo's salary by fifty percent. "Palermo wants to remain at Boca because of gratitude to the club and to the people. But he cannot just give his services", said Palermo's representative Gustavo Goñi. And he assured that several offers exist. The most tempting one is one of the Columbus Crew, where would be able to form again the successful pairing with Guillermo Barros Schelotto. Also there is others from Estudiantes of Argentina, Botafogo and clubs of Mexico and Arabia.

The stop for the renewal of the contract in June is $500,000 dollars, which is half of what Palermo perceives as his worth as the maximum striker of the history of Boca in professionalism. How will the leaders reach the other fifty percent? The contribution of money will be sought through Megatone, the sponsor of the undershirt, and Puma, the clothing that you saw the forward wear.

Bianchi will not be responsible for being sat down to negotiate with Goñi, with whom could not resolve the arrival of Diego Brown. Palermo and his attorney will try to arrive at an agreement with Marcelo London, right hand of the Virrey and strong man of the soccer. Ameal will conclude the details at the moment of the firm.

The negotiation with Palermo will not be simple, but much less complicated possibly then with Fabián Slopes and Hugo Ibarra. To the Colombian they proposed him a top contract, but he wants 250 thousand dollars more. Ibarra knows that will not be able to get the 800 thousand American bills that he wants this year and not even the bonus of 200 thousand by a percentage of games played. Therefore already they are in the search of a new player(sounds Pillud, of Newell' s) and is a fact the arrival of the Uruguayan one Alvaro Fernández, of National of Montevideo.

In the meantime, yesterday the official offering of 4.500.000 arrived dollars by the 80 percent of the pair of Lucas Viatri to the Sienna of Italy.

My thoughts: Doesn't make sense and seems like Palermo's agent is just using the threat of the Columbus Crew as leverage for the talks. I say it doesn't make sense because if Palermo wants a million and is guarenteed to get $500,000 then why would he come to Columbus for like $300,000.

The Crew currently don't have any money. But, if they wanted to part ways with Noonan and Moreno that might get the Crew up to $350,000 or so of salary (less doubtful now as both combined for the goal against Seattle and looked solid and Warzycha seems happy now with his options at forward). I don't think the Crew will get rid of either, let alone both. Too much of a risk for one, maybe two years of Palermo. Also, $350,000 isn't going to be enough, as it seems Palermo wants a million. Therefore, the only way the Crew could afford Palermo really is if they acquire a second designated player spot. But, that's very doubtful as well because the first DP deal was a pleasant surprise as Clark Hunt doesn't have the reputation of being the biggest spender. So, it would be an orgasmic shocker if he actually spends another million on Palermo on top of that.

Also, I would be surprised if any team would trade their DP for anyone on the Crew other than Schelotto. Possibly for Gaven(since he is less likely to go overseas), maybe Ekpo although I doubt either would be enough for a DP. But, a team might trade one for one of the Crew's great midfield pieces to bolster their roster for this season and then hope for the designated player rules to change.

Who knows? But, I find it a bit surprising that Palermo's agent, Goni, says the Crew have made an offer.

Maybe MLS will help us out somehow, like they have helped LA with Beckham and Donovan on the same team. Heavens knows it would be an attractive proposition for MLS to have two Boca Junior greats on one team.

Should be interesting to see what takes place. If anything.


  1. I do not like this. Too much of a risk to go out and get Palermo right now. As exciting as it is, I still have to say no to Palermo.

  2. Feels kind of like that Magic Poland guy. Nothing will happen unfortunately. But maybe Palermo gets less than he thinks he's worth and is more willing to come here for less in a few years?

  3. Too expensive. Even if we got rid of Moreno and Noonan both, I don't think the numbers will allow for it. So I am not sure it is worth it. Or maybe it might lead to another championship to look more positively

  4. schelottoforprezJune 7, 2009 at 12:08 PM

    There are lots of ways to raise the money. I think the league could easily justify intervening given the potential upside of the dynamic duo even for one year. Kit sales-interest in the league. This could generate large sums of cash and easily pay for itself. One million bucks in the broader picture isn't a lot of dough when you consider the potential return. If the Crew and the league could pull this off without losing anyone that would be great. As big a fan as I am of Moreno and Noonan-I would part with them tomorrow if I could get this done.

  5. What if those dollar figures are actually Argentine pesos? That million is only $266,134.12 American. The Crew has that Sigi/Seatle allocation money available still.

  6. Didn't they use the Seattle allocation to keep Marshall?

  7. WTF do we need another attacking player for? We have Moreno, Schelotto, Garey, Rogers, Lenhard and Noonan. How about signing another defender?