Thursday, June 4, 2009

6/4/09: Dips In Form, We Will All Come Out Better For Them.

Do whatever it takes to get back to this! (Picture by Sam Fahmi)

Remember at the end of last year. Remember how amazing the Nordecke was and how they almost mirrored the form of the team. Look to this year, where the team stumbled a bit and so has the Nordecke. However, no one would say that the Crew is no longer a good team or the Nordecke is no longer a good section. They just both forgot how to play the game to the best of their abilities for a bit. And, now both are going to come out of their rough patch, better than before for it.

This is shear brillance from last year. Take it in, remember how great it was:

This near the end is not:

You know we may have lost our way a little. But, look we can come out of this 100 times better than we even were last year. We have some good new chants. I posted them in my last post. We got this. Do what we do above. Add some megaphones and some motivated chant leaders and we will be louder and more creative then ever.

How about it? :-)

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  1. Another theme we could go for would be a pirate tune. It would be a reference to our favorite pirate Gino as well as a crew theme. Here is an example:
    "Shiver My Timbers" lyrical excerpt:
    Shiver My Timbers, shiver My Soul/Yo Ho He Ho/There are men whos hearts as black as coal

    And they sailed there ship across the ocean blue/A Blood thirsty captain and a cut throat crew./Its a darker tale as was ever told/Of a lust for treasure and a love of gold.../

    I think a change from "hearts as black as coal" to "black and gold" could work also. Just an idea, might be stupid idk. Thanks, stay massive!