Monday, June 29, 2009

6/29/09: A Plea To Open The Nordecke Back Up

Against KC:

Against Chivas:

From bigsoccer & a good point:
BG13- "I wish the FO would open up the Nordecke for the DC game. It just doesn't have the same effect when it is 3/4s full. Especially on t.v."

Yeah the decision to close off the Nordecke has sucked. And, if hasn't even made the actual difference. "This is our house" started up late in the last game. Oddly from La Turbina's area instead of the usual source. But, thanks to supporters actually reacting (myself and many others included) that turned around and told everyone to stop chanting that. It was stopped.

The lock down on the Nordecke and the checking of tickets has affected the atmosphere totally. We haven't been that impressive since they have done that and if they opened up the section, I'm confident that the organized swearing wouldn't start up. Because it was never related to the problem!

The reason why it has stopped is because more supporters have taken McCullers serious on the issue and have reacted to chants with cuss words. What annoys me most, is that the reason why the Crew FO shut out new people & non-regulars is because supporters blamed the problems all on random people, instead of shouldering some of the blame themselves.

Who knows the chants? The supporters
Who starts the chants? The supporters
Who stops the chants? The supporters

I just find it quite odd that newcomers, randoms, and those without tickets in the section seem to all know "This is our house, GTFO" innately and have this irresistible urge to chant it. But, don't know "We'll be coming" or "Horto Magiko" innately. Also, I find it surprising that a group of newcomers, randoms, or whatever can take over the whole section with chants. It goes against logic to suggest that people that are in their 2nd or 3rd time in the Nordecke could actually start a chant and then get the whole section to chant it. I mean if anything, these people are just learning the ropes of being a supporter. How are they leading the section?

Anyways, it's ludicrous to blame any chant problems on newcomers. The only reason why the organized swearing has stopped is because the supporters actually started to believe that McCullers meant business. Last game supporters turned around and stopped it by actually reacting to it instead of staring blindly at the people who chanted it. Yeah not all supporters sang it earlier in the year, but I can bet that those chants were started by some people attached to a group. And, because no one tried to stop it earlier in the year, were all guilty by association.

So, way to go! Because nothing is ever our fault and we can't shoulder any blame, we look like crap with a bunch of empty seats behind us and the FO actually believes the problem was solved by kicking out new recruits for our section. Bravo!

What has made the difference is reacting to negative chants. So, please open the section back up.


  1. Or people could start buying thier tickets in the Nordecke instead of buying them in another section like the south end.

  2. I seriously think our GM and president is tring to sabatoge the team. Why would you ever do that to one of the best things that has ever happened to Crew games.

  3. Or allow the supporter's to sell the tickets to Nordecke directly so they are able to monitor who is coming into the section and that also may encourage more people to get involved.

  4. RL, they already allow all the supporter groups to attain tickets for the Nordecke, and you can see proof of that at - - each site as venues to acquire tickets.

  5. What was good for the Nordecke was that alot of people would shift to the section as the game went on. Even people with season tickets in other areas. It almost builds the excitement as the game goes on.

    But, now you cannot access the area because if you don't have a ticket there, they all of a sudden take you out as being some sort of infiltrating troublemaker.

    One way I went in I didn't have to show my ticket because the guy waived me on because he knew me. But, after a halftime smoke break I had to show my ticket and had to do some fishing in my pocket, good thing I found it.

    I just think that putting a lock down around the section for people without tickets there is dumb and stifles the atmosphere, and in no way has anything to do with organized swearing. It should be general admission.

  6. as a season ticket holder, last year I would often find myself migrating to the Nordecke every so often....

  7. HSH_B,

    That is very true. I bought tickets for the Chicago away match (not traveling with the buses) and handing out those fliers were a huge help. I think more awareness that it is beneficial to join a supporter's group should be announced at the stadium, pre/during/post match. I have no idea how to get the FO on board for something like that but I do know that many people showed up for the Chivas match very surprised to be denied entry. If they want the supporters to be more accountable they should promote the fact that it is extremely easy to obtain tickets through the groups even without joining them.

  8. Even with the new rule not allowing people without tickets in the Nordecke in it is still pretty easy to get others in. All you have to do is have a group of 5 or so people go in then have one person go to the bathroom or something and hand out the tickets that are in the section to people that dont have them. I got 7 others into the Nordecke for the Chivas game. There are still very simple ways around the ticket checks but I think overall they are detrimental to the atmosphere.

  9. Yeah, there are numerous ways. But, obviously by only being 3/4th's full the last two games compared to being completely full for the last ten games. The new tactics of entry have stifled some to just say, whatever, I'll watch the game elsewhere in the stadium.

  10. i mean, yall can buy tickets like the rest of us

  11. i honestly think that even if the GTFO chants didn't happen and bottles didn't get thrown the FO would still be cracking down on the Nordecke, just for the reason that the mls wants to bring in more fans to make more money and they think the only way to do that is make it more of a baseball atmosphere.

  12. Thats a Big swing and miss there post 11... if you honestly think the MLS wants to turn every teams atmosphere into that of a typical baseball game, you are sorely mistaken. Otherwise the Crew FO would have definitely done far worse things then checking tickets, enforcing Fire codes and kicking people out for organized swearing/projectile throwing...

  13. if some of your friends dont have tickets in the Nordecke you walk in with someone who does have nordecke tickets and one person leaves with two tickets so another person can get in