Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6/23/09: Crew After U-23 Guatemalan Striker Carlos Villa? Giving Look At Welsh Striker Jamie Reed As Well.

According to Shawn Mitchell's Blog, it may be possible although Villa plays with an American college. Here's the excerpt:
Guest players at practice today included Crew Academy product Chad Barson, Welsh striker Jamie Reed and 6-foot-1 forward Carlos Villa, a Guatemalan playing at the University of Hartford.

Villa is in his second week with the team and has looked impressive. Although he is a college player might the Crew be able to work something out with the league to get him signed?

"No comment," Crew technical director Brian Bliss said.

The Kansas City Wizards were able to bypass the entry and waiver drafts and sign Ryan Souter from NAIA Graceland University last season.

Here is Villa in action scoring the first goal in a 3-2 victory for Guatemala over Mexico in qualifiers for the 2008 Olympics(starts at the 29 second mark):

Jamie Reed is no. 10 in the blue.

Also, invited as a guest player has been 21 year old Welsh striker Jamie Reed. Reed played for Welsh Premier League side Rhyl FC this year, scoring 13 goals in 22 appearances for the Lily Whites. Rhyl FC won the Welsh Premier League this year by an impressive margin and is now about to start a Champions League run. Rhyl FC will face off against Serbian side Partizan Belgrade. But, Rhyl's big time scorer Reed will not be with the team as Reed has decided to move to America to try to win a spot on a MLS team. Here is more on Reed.

Here is a video of Rhyl FC playing at their home ground in mid-April this year. I would love for JT to explain what the hell they are saying? Sounds like pig latin.


  1. I know this has nothing to do with this article but an idea for a sign this weekend... file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/test/Desktop/Monster_Energy.jpg

  2. Haha, Reed thanks the Rhyl FC fans for the massive support. He may feel right at home here.

  3. #1, you sir, are truly an idiot (not for your idea but for how illiterate you are with teh computer)

  4. Vote for Frankie and Schelotto for the MLS ALL-STAR game!

  5. lol at #1

    also i have a great song if we're to get Reed.

    his name's jamie reed don't you see,
    they speak welsh in his home country,
    it sounds like pig-latin but we don't mind,
    at least he's not brian mcbride!