Monday, June 22, 2009

6/22/09: TFC Won Something!

Great thing is its only the Canadian Championship.

Still didn't stop some Canadian fans to take some time out of their busy day of looking up internet porn to come to the pier with some buddies and chant some, "I need a job! I need a job! Ole, ole, ole!"

The first few seconds are the most odd. Starts with a spurious shot of TFC fans on the pier looking stupid into a shot of their Bruno-esque war hero Jim Brennan coming out of the sea or some building to greet some fan boys:

Wonderful! You know they will be cocky about their first trophy and start saying things like, "Yeah, take that Columbus! You have no Canadian Championship trophy!"

Don't state the obvious in response, just nod.


  1. we should have an Ohio cup with the Crew(MLS), Cleveland City stars(USL-1), Cleveland Internationals(PDL) and the Cincinnati Kings(PDL)...What a joke!

  2. er... they (TFC) are coming back from the Island Airport. And that strange contraption that Brennan is coming out of is called a bus. I know you live in a backwater, but I would have thought you were familiar with buses and planes. Guess not, let me explain.

    Airports are where those strange metal birds that you sometimes see flying high above your village land and take off. There's no need to go run and hide from these metal birds, or ask the village priest to request that God smite them. They are not the work of the Devil, they just take people from one civilized local to another, thereby allowing them to not have to travel overland through dangerous tribal regions such as Ohio.

    Buses allow the overland transport of large groups of people without the need of a team of oxen.