Monday, June 22, 2009

6/22/09: One Speed Striker Option The Crew Missed Out On & Crew Monday Updates

Eric Brunner got his first Crew goal this Saturday in a 2-1 loss to FC Dallas. (AP)

**In Pat Noonan's debut for Colorado, another player shined for the Rapids in Jamiacan striker Omar Cummings. Cummings scored the Rapids first two goals with searing speed, looking like an attacking speed option who would work well with Schelotto's outlet passes.

Cummings was picked by the Colorado Rapids in the 3rd round of the 2007 draft at pick 31. I said at the time that the Crew should have went for Cummings at pick 15. But, Cummings being an international was too much of a question mark to take up a coveted SI spot for most teams and it seems that Brad Evans worked out as well during his time here.

Just would have been a nice matchup option for the Crew to have, especially since they have no strikers with speed at the moment. And, no definite attacking replacements yet for Pat Noonan. Cummings speed sort of fits the mold of what Bliss is probably looking for in Ghana and elsewhere as Noonan's salary replacement.

**According to ESPN Star Sports, Alejandro Moreno has been called up for two friendly qualifiers in the United States against Mexico and Costa Rica at the Georgia Dome this week. It is likely that Moreno will possibly only play in the friendly on Wednesday against Mexico, while Venezuela plays more B team players against Costa Rica on Saturday. The Crew will need Moreno for their game this Saturday against Red Bull New York. In such a stituation, the club team should have priorities over an international team's friendly.

**Warzycha blames himself for the Crew's embarrassing 2-1 loss away against FC Dallas on Saturday. The breakdown was reminiscent of earlier this year, where the Crew lose the game in the last 15 minutes. For whatever reason Warzycha thought he wouldn't need to use his subs in the 92 degree heat until it was too late in the last few minutes.

From Craig Merz's article:
"I blame myself because I didn't do something earlier than I did," he said. "I should have made some changes earlier but I didn't because I thought we were going to be OK. They (Dallas) weren't creating any chances."

Well, FC Dallas made some chances once the Crew players couldn't run anymore because of the searing heat, go figure. A couple of 65th minute subs would have made the difference. But, while average fans at the bar complained that Warzycha needed to make subs for most of the second half, Bobby Rifle didn't catch on until stoppage time when the Crew were already down 2-1.

I know Warzycha is new. But, come on this is amateur stuff and Robert is better than this. Come on Robert, you were paid the big money to recognize that in 92 degree heat, you may want to use your three subs rather early in the second half instead of late. Not doing so is pretty unacceptable.

**Crew Stadium will probably be worn out by the end of this Saturday. During the day before the game, the Corporate Cup will be taking place at Crew Stadium. I'll actually be playing on a team in the tournament as Captain Blake selected me for a side. I think he said it was for Claddagh's, but I'm not sure.

Also taking place this Saturday is the glorious Mascot Cup during halftime at the Crew vs. New York Red Bull game. Jim Early sent me some pictures, as he prepares for the re-introduction of the Subway sub into the death throws of the competition.

What a cocky sub. :-)

**And, finally a message from Schellas "I bake near the sun" Hyndman as he talks about FCD's win:


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