Sunday, June 21, 2009

6/21/09: Crew Randoms

Diving is an artform perfected in Dallas via Ruiz and Ferriera.

**For the Chicago away game, La Turbina's $40 dollar down and back bus is sold out. The only options bus wise are the two HSH/CSU buses which are good for any Crew fans. I think only 35-40 slots have been taken up.

**From Ray Stein's Dispatch Editorial Mailbox:
Bob Hunter is correct regarding the poor behavior and remarks from the Nordecke at Crew Stadium. He failed to mention just how rude many Crew fans are in general. At the Chivas USA game (last) Sunday I encountered a whole group of bad-mannered and offensive fans in section 108, a good distance from the Nordecke, who could not say a positive word about the opposing team.

A friend and I decided not to wear Chivas colors due to issues in the past and to merely cheer the team with non-offensive ovations and applause as necessary. The Crew fans could not take this rivalry and berated us with hurtful comments and popcorn throughout the game.

Maybe it's because I decided to be a better fan this time around or maybe it was all the little kids around section 108 that helped me not even look back to these idiots. Whatever it was, I wish that most Crew fans had an ounce of "it" and could be tasteful for 90 minutes.

-- Heidi Baxter Cortes, Columbus

My thoughts: You're living in Columbus and rooting for Chivas USA. I should complain about that sort of stupidity.

**US Soccer explains how referee Steven DiPiero messed up the obvious penalty kick on Emmanuel Ekpo last week. Ehh, whatever, the Crew and botched referee calls is now pretty much a thing to be expected. We are not given a penalty last week, this week Ferrera gets knocked over by Marshall's shadow and earns a PK.

**According to Shawn Mitchell's blog, Brad Friedel owes a bank alot of loan money for his soccer academy, well over $7 million in total. May want to try to earn an even bigger contract with Aston Villa.

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  1. your thoughts about it pretty much say it all, what a way to sum it up