Saturday, June 20, 2009

6/20/09: Home Field Disadvantage For FC Dallas & Other Topics

Hyndman DVD's haven't been leading to goals for FC Dallas, especially at home. But, Schellas has a theory.

**While the Crew can't be defeated at home, with a streak of 17 or 18 wins and a few ties spanning all the way back to June 6th 2008. Their Hunt counterparts FC Dallas can't seem to buy a win at home. This season in seven home games, FC Dallas has only won a singular game against Toronto FC by a 3-2 scoreline. Schellas Hyndman, who is becoming an easy target for hillarity based on his comments, has an all encompassing theory on why Dallas has struggled at home via MLSnet:

"I don't know if our players play and have the idea that winning at home is an advantage," he said. "I don't know if our players appreciate how valuable it is to be sleeping in your own bed, eating your own meal, hanging out with your family and being in your comfort zone. This is an advantage. The second thing is, it's a lot of pressure playing in front of your fans when your team is not winning. When they are, you love playing in front of the fans, so I think that might be another point. I think the third point is I don't think the home environment brings the best out of us."

The first point certainly makes some sense. But, how the heck would professional athletes be pressured or nervous playing in front of 8,000 FC Dallas fans? :-) The third point makes even less sense, if the home environment doesn't bring out the best in your side, where are you going to be the best at?

Got to love multiple excuses. Why not just say "we want and we will do better at home for our fans, there are no excuses, we have to do better." I just think MLS is a little over Hyndman's head.

**On August 8th, The Crew will play a doubleheader at the Candlestick(49ers place of business) against San Jose. That game will be followed by Barcelona vs. Chivas of Mexico. The doubleheader is being billed the night of Champions(well, minus San Jose).

Schelotto invented Chuck Norris.

**The question the Crew coaching staff is dealing with is what if Schelotto cools off? From Shawn Mitchell, (Schelotto) has just one assist this season, but his goals have helped draw the Crew (4-2-7) four points out of first place in the Eastern Conference. Such scoring prowess has awed teammates and opponents alike, but what happens when Schelotto cools off?

Did the Crew forget that Guillermo is at least five times the badass of Chuck Norris? If they did forget or if Schelotto actually does the inconceivable and remembers that he is almost 40 and human, hopefully the Crew have a striker lined up by July 15th or Moreno, Rogers, Gaven, and Ekpo pick up the production.

**Another game this season with Toronto FC? God let's hope not.
Toronto FC actually won their pathetic Canadian championship, between Toronto(the lone MLS team) and two USL sides in Vancouver and Montreal. Toronto schlacked Montreal by six goals, needed to win by at least four. Which led to chants of "rogue chantez" or whatever. This sets up for Toronto a possible way into the Crew's CONCACAF Champions League group feauturing at the moment, actual respectable sides such as Columbus, Cruz Azul, and Saprissa. Toronto FC have a home and away with the Puerto Rico Islanders and former Crew player Bill Gaudette to decide who will receive the last spot in the group.

Go Islanders!


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