Saturday, June 20, 2009

6/20/09: Gold Cup Terror

USA will try to add to their Gold Cup collection. They will probably succeed. Which will boost their confidence since they can't compete with actual good international sides(CONFEDERATIONS Cup anyone?). Anyways hopefully, the USA can come out victorious without taking three vital players in the Crew's roster. (Pic by: The New York Times)

Saw this over on CrewXtra via Shawn Mitchell's blog:
Eddie Gaven, Chad Marshall and Robbie Rogers are on the U.S. preliminary roster for the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

The Crew trio is among 30 players on the U.S. roster, which must be trimmed to 23 players for the tournament.

Luckily, Frankie Hejduk who is still in recovery mode hasn't been included in the Gold Cup selection process.

I'm strictly a club before country type person. A type of thing that a lot of Crew fans are that a lot of other MLS fans can't seem to understand (hint hint, because they don't care about their clubs as much). So, here's to hoping that none of them make the cut. Although, probably all of them want to and it would be good for their careers, it would be devastating for our midfield especially if Rogers and Gaven were out for a month. We could cover for Marshall, as Brunner and Zayner have stepped up and done already.

But, overall, I think the Gold Cup is kind of a useless tournament. Yeah! Look we beat out the CONCACAF sides again.

I just rather terrorize MLS the next two months with all of our best players. Instead of scrambling for replacements in the midfield. If Rogers and Gaven go and we have no new acquistion for Noonan. That Noonan trade may start to look sort of dumb.


  1. couldnt disagree with you more. there is nothing more respectable than earning a spot to represent your country. nobody ever plays for the same club their entire career and unless your name is J. Jones, you'll always be loyal to one country.

  2. Well, yeah I'm sure they rather play for the USA. I'm just saying as a Crew fan I rather have them on our field. Duh..

  3. Confederations cup? This morning that was a good example to post. Now that the US schalacked Egypt 3-0 and Italy couldn't muster a goal while giving up 3 to Brazil... well...

  4. I love the Crew as much as anyone around here and I also love the US. If it were the World Cup I would disagree with your sentiment completely but for the Gold Cup? It's not even the year in which the winner would qualify for the 2013 confederations cup.

  5. Well, yeah I would love to have 5 or 6 Crew players representing the team for the World Cup.

    I'm all about the USA once it's the World Cup. I don't find the road there too exciting at times though except against Mexico. Although I found the Confederations Cup very interesting today. That has to be the oddest qualifying out of a group stage ever.

    Glad they remembered what country they were representing today, made a difference.