Friday, June 19, 2009

6/20/09: Chicago Roadtrip a.k.a. Nordecke West

HSH and CSU are combining for two 56 person buses, LTA also will have a similiar sized bus going down and back. HSH and CSU also have many other tickets for people looking to make the trip out themselves. For more information check out this thread. Should be another nice sized away crowd. The game is at 8 p.m. in Chicago on July 11th and is on ESPN2. It will be the second week in a row the Crew are featured on ESPN2.

Blake's message on there:
We have secured the tickets & buses, and reserved rooms at a few hotels for people to make their own reservations. (Making it easier on us, and making it easier to figure out who you will be bunking with)

We will be taking two 56 passenger state of the art MCI Motor Coaches... apparently these are brand new with flat screen TV's and the works!

Lunch will be provided on the way up as will plenty of Alcohol (for those 21+ of course)

Tickets will be included obviously and Kevin (kmmc) has secured extra for those making the trek into the Red land via other means then the bus.

We are also working to secure some funding through the front office to lower the price, I'm fairly certain that they will come through with something.

Ticket, Bus, Lunch, + Complimentary Alcohol: Only $69.00 a person

We have reserved room's at to hotels, the cost being 89.99 for the Holiday Inn Express or 99.99 for the Hilton Garden Inn depending on which hotel you get. Split between 4 ways at most your paying 25.00 a person for the hotel, which is the best price I could find for a hostel in Chicago, so rather then roughing it we can just enjoy a decent hotel for the same cost!

I'll let Kevin post the information about how to contact the hotels and reserve your rooms, but please do not wait on this trip and get your confirmations in with one of us

Contact me (Blake) @ or via PM on BigSoccer.

Crew Union-
Contact Kevin (kmmc) @ or via PM on Bigsoccer

Information needed:
Full Name, Contact Number, Number of bus spots being reserved and your e-mail address (if its via PM)

More information will come in the following days and the price may lower.

What we will be doing this Sunday for the home game is handing out informational fliers about the trip and collecting $20.00 deposits if you wish to secure your seat. If you wish to pay in full this Sunday that is fine as well but with the short notice we want to give people the opportunity to commit as quickly as possible.

We will keep you posted once the cost is adjusted by any discounts.

As always feel free to give feedback!

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