Friday, June 19, 2009

6/19/09: Crew vs. FC Dallas Preview

FC Dallas fans get sensitive about their pictures of cheerleaders, even if you give them credit.

Columbus come into Frisco(otherwise known as the "House of Silence") on a 9 game unbeaten streak, winning four out of their last six. Dallas on the other hand are trying to remember what winning felt like with their 2-7-4 record. The last win coming weeks ago for the Hoops/Waldo's at Chicago.

Schellas Hyndman tried to keep positive with the negative result last week against Houston:
"I think what went wrong was we gave up three goals and then we might have missed three goals," Hyndman said. "The game is made up of moments where you have opportunities to score goals and if you don't score goals, it will come back and haunt you."

Genius. Genius, Schellas! Maybe I'm way off base here, but when your team misses goal scoring opportunities and lets in the oppositions chances by the boatload, maybe your team just sucks.

While Dallas is off making excuses. Schelotto has turned into an absolute mythic soccer hulk. His two finishes against league leading Chivas USA were the stuff of legend. If the Crew and Schelotto can take down the West leaders, there is no reason why they cannot have simliar success against woe is me Dallas.


The Crew would probably rather face a FC Dallas without a Dave Van Den Bergh, who was injured last week against the Houston Dynamo. DVDB is probable for this week, but in the lineup below I replaced him with Saragosa, hoping that will be the case. As DVDB along with Cooper are probably the only players really worth their weight on the FC Dallas team.

Dallas- Ray Burse - Drew Moor, Kyle Davies, Pablo Ricchetti, Anthony Wallace - Jeff Cunningham, Dax McCarty, Andre Rocha, Marcelo Saragosa - David Ferreira - Kenny Cooper.

William Hesmer may be back this week and will likely make the trip. But, probably won't start until next week at home, along with Frankie Hejduk. Chad Marshall comes off of his red card suspension which probably means that Jed Zayner will be pushed to the bench for tomorrow's game, despite his good performances.

Columbus- Andy Gruenebaum - Danny O'Rourke, Eric Brunner, Chad Marshall, Gino Padula - Brian Carroll - Emmanuel Ekpo, Eddie Gaven, Robbie Rogers - Guillermo Barros Schelotto - Alejandro Moreno.

A preview from FC Dallas (Schellas Hyndman playing the role of Mr. Obvious):

My prediction: Crew are too good to get beaten by this FC Dallas team at the moment. The streak continues and the Crew push closer to first place in the East. A spot that I think they will grab by the July 4th game against DC United at Crew Stadium. Crew win 2-1, both goals by Schelotto again and someone unimportant scores for FC Dallas.


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