Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6/17/09: Cap Jermaine Jones

Schalke 04 player Jermaine Jones, whose dad is American and whose mother is German wants to play for America. According to the New York Times, a new rule change will allow him to do so.
“Now that I have a chance to play for America, I want to play for the States,” Jones said Saturday in a telephone interview from Frankfurt. “Now with the new rule from FIFA, they said I can play for the States. I am one-half American and one-half German, and now I want to play for the U.S.”

“I’m a player, when you see me, I have tattoos and in Germany the people maybe don’t like that stuff,” he said. “When I want to say something, then I say it. In Germany, it is all about the team, and now there are more players who say nothing. Maybe this is the problem with me. I thought I maybe would have a chance with the national team of Germany. But for me, now this is over.”

Jones explains his reasoning even more here with ESPN.

Apparently, Jones decision may have repurcussions at the club level.

New Schalke coach Felix Magath admitted the extra travelling involved in representing his new country "leaves its mark after a while".

He added: "This choice has disadvantages for him. He will have to travel half the way around the world for his games. You can cope with that for maybe two or three times."

Well, Jermaine Jones with his tattoo's and etc. would fit in nicely with the Crew fans. :-). Hey, just saying, one could dream.

According to Soccer365, if the switch is given the green light, Jermaine Jones will be eligible for the USA on August 2nd for their game in Azteca vs. Mexico.

Some videos of Jones:


  1. Bring him on over!

  2. guy is a with same agency as ekpo