Monday, June 15, 2009

6/15/09: Noonan Traded To Colorado, New Striker Inbound?

Pat Noonan and his $175,000 dollar salary are headed to Colorado for a first round draft pick and allocation money. With the deal the Crew get to possibly sign a striker of similiar or better caliber to Noonan, while as well getting allocation money and a first round draft pick next year. The deal just makes sense, the Crew seem to be making out. Noonan was surplus, couldn't make his way into the starting eleven, and when he did failed to perform consistently. Noonan missed a breakaway against Toronto FC away and followed a nice assist against Seattle with a stink-tastic performance in Kansas City. Noonan was never awful, but wasn't ever brillant; making the former Revolution player not worth the $175,000 he was paid for 13 appearances (mostly off of the bench) in two years.

Overall, Crew fans are probably not too upset with the move, a move that one could see coming for a while now. With the extra allocation money, that opens up around $250,000 dollars for a hot Crew to shop. Robert Warzycha and company are probably salivating at the chance to put a speedy 20 goals a game type striker in front of MLS goal leader Schelotto. The only thing the team seems to be missing.

With that this team could be back as MLS Champions and could make a strong run in the CONCACAF Champions League.

So, what's the deal? There must be someone out there that the Crew have their eyes on or there would probably be no reason at the moment to part ways with Noonan.

Is it Palermo? Nope, Palermo extended his contract for another year. Stern John? Possibly. A Crew fan has said John is in Columbus. Did Bliss find a gem in Ghana like he found in Nigeria with Ekpo? Plausible.

Whatever it is, I don't buy that the Crew front office doesn't have some plan in place. The Crew are all but set, except at striker. I expect us to sign someone soon.

As for Noonan. Moving to Colorado is like being demoted from CEO to garbage man.


  1. The FO is using the cash to buy a bunch of soap to wash out all the foul mouths in the Nordecke.

  2. This should be interesting. I thought Warzycha said that Noonan started playing well in recent weeks, so the Crew must have something up it's sleeve. It's kind of sad to see Noonan go. I dont think he's a horrible loss, but it would've been nice to see him relive his NE days with Columbus.

  3. I wouldn't call Ekpo a gem, and would much rather see Lenhart starting. Ekpo has his moments (and he deserved a PK the other day) but I like the consistent energy I see from Lenhart. The guy with the hair always comes to play. Even coming in at the 84th minute Lenhart came on and immediately made his mark on the game. Granted he did have fresh legs, but he still showed that he wants to be on the field and be aggressive.

    Glad for the cap space.

  4. STERN JOHN. That's all i can say. It'll be like old times !

  5. You're out of your fucking mind if you don't think Ekpo should be a starter.

  6. I have to agree with number 5, you should be institutionalized if you think Ekpo whouldn't be starting. And as much as I like Lenhart, I haven't seen much good from him when he does play the full 90 or start. He is hoever by far the best bench player we have and hopefully they have Moreno kind of mentoring him to be similar to Moreno because I do think Lenhart has a good future in MLS.

    And I disagree with Stern John. He is washed up, old, and has not been good since he left Columbus. He would be a year and then retire. I'd like to see them bring in a young guy that plays just like Noonan and have Schelotto kind of show him the ropes.

  7. moreno mentoring is the absolute last thing any budding striker would need. if anything, i think moreno could be mentored by lenhart

  8. Well, while people can disagree about Stern John being washed up or not, saying he hasn't been any good since leaving Columbus is just plain stupid.

    He scored 19 goals in 47 games for Southmapton in 2007. Yes, he struggled at Bristol City, but he didn't get a chance to play.

  9. to 7: Im thinking Moreno is knows a little more about his position than anybody here, so saying he wouldn't be a good mentor may be ignorant.

    to 8: You're right. It was pretty ignorant of me to say he was no good post-Columbus. That still leaves it up for debate though as to whether or not he would be good to bring in as there is a reason he did not get a chance to play with Bristol.

  10. Ekpo holds the ball too much and when he decides to pass it always seems to be a turnover. Hopefully Guillermo's vision and passing skills will start to rub off on him... if they do, watch out.

  11. Ekpo's 1 or 2 bad plays are worth his 1 or 2 downright amazing plays a game. He has been our biggest offensive threat this year behind Schelotto.

    If you think Lenhart should start on the wing over Ekpo, you're on crack.

    I thought Ekpo had a great game against Kansas City last week, and followed it up with a solid performance this week.

    I almost rather have the Crew get a young U-23 type striker from their Ghana trip and just pay him the same as Ekpo. Then try to make room for John. John should be dying to play for $175,000 for four months of service from Schelotto. Won't get that in the Championship.