Sunday, June 14, 2009

6/14/09: Crew and MLS Updates

Three local media stories in the last few days has the pressure and spotlight more on the Nordecke then ever going into Sunday's game.

**Bob Hunter begs the Nordecke for more creativity. I have to agree with mostly everything that he said. I, along with others, would love more creativity in the section as well, chant wise, banner wise, and elsewhere. But, I'm afraid that not much will change unless a bunch of people make the effort to introduce new chants.

On some days there are 2,500 people jammed into those five sections. Supporters in the section have to pitch together for either megaphones, cd's, song sheets, or some way to spread new chant ideas around. Showing up and hoping for better isn't going to cut it. But, that's about the effort that is being put into remedying the stituation at the moment it seems.


Toronto FC might think that bringing 1,500 fans is pretty impressive. But, I was even more impressed by the Houston Dynamo last night. Who on the road, had a section of supporters three to four times the size of the FC Dallas supporters. And, also had orange as the dominate color in the regular seats as well. I would not be surprised if there were more Houston fans there then Dallas fans.

**Toronto FC and Kansas City were tied for third place at the end of last week with the Crew. All hopes that both of those sides would start to roll over and die were dashed when Toronto FC beat New York 2-1 and Kansas City took care of New England 3-1 yesterday. The Crew must win today to keep pace.

**Crew's Warzycha vs. Chivas's Preki. Both long time friends. Nice article by Craig Merz.

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  1. Hey, maybe you can even put this in a new article or something, but you probably didn't notice it from the Nordecke last game. But after the 2nd Guille goal, and the Nordecke was singind "WE LOVE YOU", something great happened in the rest of the stadium. As the Nordecke said "and thats the way we like it, we like it, we like it, OOOOOOOOOO" and jumped up and down, the rest of the stadium was stomping their feet in rhythm with the Nordecke, and it sounded AWESOME. The fans usually only get into Guillermo chants at some points. It was great.